Bloating 11 weeks after surgery


I'm now 11 weeks post surgery and I've been doing my daily pelvic exercises but seem to have no control over my abdominal muscles. After I've eaten I am also massively bloated, if it starts after lunchtime it's staying with me for the rest of the day and very uncomfortable.

If you've had surgery could you let me know how long it was before you regained a bit of control over your muscles and also whether you did any additional exercises - did you GP help with this or anyone else?

Has anyone else experienced the bloating and if you did, can you recommend anything.



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  • My surgery was September and definitely not back to normal. Often bloated, pooh sometimes normal, sometimes doesn't come for 2/3 days, sometimes loose. Oncologist was not worried (but FYI I'm stage 1). I'm now doing yoga (with surgeon's blessing) and finding it very hard compared with pre surgery but it is getting slightly better every week.

    Hope this helps and good luck xxx

  • Hi Andrea,

    My obdominal muscles are still non exsistant, 2 years after surgery!!

    I was also told we lose 40% of muscle through chemo.

    So far as bloating is concerned,peppermint tea is very good,there is a lot of trapped wind after surgery which can be painfull.But if the bloating continues I would suggest you get advice from your team,

    Carole xxx

  • I agree with Caroles, peppermint tea is good. You do know they put air into your tummy when doing the surgery so you can in fact feel very uncomfortable for weeks after. I would think walk rather than do exercises. I was never told to do any exercises. Your insides are also sore from being manipulated and that probably doesnt help

  • Andrea - 11 weeks us very early days - you have had a massive op give your body time to recover it is probably still in shock.

    Try monitoring what food you are eating - I find that bread bloats me.

    Bev x

  • I believe it's called swelly belly. I did some research and found that there are physical therapists that specialize in post hysterectomy. My surgeon said nothing would help but the PT prevented me from being incontinent and from developing adhesions and breaking down scar tissue. I was given a toolbox of exercises and it's been a year now and I'm in pretty great shape. I read somewhere that it takes two years. What bothers me is the excess skin but I'm giving myself that second year to see optimum results.

  • It's still very early days for you, I know we all want to run before we can walk but you're still at the stroll stage. I would think it's way too early for abdominal exercises but speak to your surgeon. I'm coming up to 3 years post op and have just got my old shape back although my 'puffy' stomach skin is still a work in progress but then I am galloping towards 63 so age is a factor too 🤔.

    As the other lovely ladies have said peppermint will help with the bloating if its wind but again check with your medical team, you may need to adjust your diet slightly, I can't eat yeast or some flours since my op and subsequent chemo, there are lots of us here who have mentioned food difficulties since OC diagnosis and treatment.

    I hope you find a quick answer to your bloating issues and keep as well as is possible ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Andrea-

    i certainly know how you feel! i am now 7 months post chemo, surgery was April 2016. It takes about a year before they recommend toning for abdominal muscles with pilates they told me. Since my omentum was removed everything shows in my stomach. I get very bloated especially if I get constipated. It looks like I am pregnant. Everything just hangs out. the omentum was like control top pantyhose for me.

    i am toned in the stomach area now but nothing to hold everything in like before. Good luck! It does get easier with time.

    XX Carol

  • Hi there

    Thank you all for your replies. I guess in my head, now that chemo is finished and I'm planning to go back to work and "normal" life then I feel everything else should start being a bit more normal. Good to have a reminder that it is still early days and I'll try and be a bit more patient with my body. My surgeon wants to see me for a 6 month review and I had wondered what that would cover as I assumed I'd be long past recovery but reading your replies I assume that meeting will be an opportunity to discuss exercise. I'm walking loads but also putting on weight!

    Carol, I share your thoughts about the omentum - it definitely feels like it was a safety belt holding everything in and my intestines are bit out of control without it which is making the bloating worse!

    I'm sticking with peppermint tea and had thought I should keep a food diary, Bev and Jane, that's interesting about bread and flours as I've definitely noticed the problem is worse after bread but have been reluctant to go for a diet that starts excluding food.

    For now I've treated myself to a few new clothes for summer - all one size bigger and all loose fitting!


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