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Carboplatin and supplements, specifically cod liver oil and turmeric

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Hello everyone, thank goodness the rain has arrived, watered my garden and cooled the temperature down a little so I can hopefully get out for a walk later.

Anyway, I digress, I will be starting carboplatin in a few weeks as my tumour ruptured during the “ultra radical” (really not an attractive name) surgery, approx 8 weeks ago, I am recovering well (ish) but would like to pick up taking my cod liver oil and turmeric again for my arthritis.

I’ve read a lot of conflicting articles about do or don’t take with chemo drugs, and I’ve seen two oncologists recently who also gave different replies to this question

I am currently thinking I’ll drop the turmeric as it’s more of an unknown but may continue use with the cod liver oil.

Does anyone have any experience or sage words on this at all?

Thankyou x

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Hi cat feeder I took turmeric all thorough my chemo surgery and a year of avastin I am still taking it 4 years later !!! I also took lysine which I also still take hope this helps my love and big hugs to you

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Comedy123 in reply to koza21

Hi koza, how much & how often you take turmeric? Did you have carbo/Taxil for chemo? If you do not mind I would like to know what stage Of CA you had? I am glad to know that you are cancer free now. Do you take any maintenence medThanks

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Catfeeder in reply to koza21

Thanks Koza21, hugs back to youThanks for the info

Have a good weekend

There is a site I think giving you a chart with each chemo and each herb or drug. Turmeric is contraindicated withbosutinib andbrentuximab vetodin and dasatinib etoposide (oral) and etoposidephosphate andeverolimus. Possible but less data for taxol doxil

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Catfeeder in reply to Ruebacelle

Thanks Ruebacelle, sounds like an interesting site, thankyou for the infoHave a good weekend

Hi, so glad you’re recovering well from the delightful surgery, my tumour ruptured too, an added joy for us. I hope you got to have a walk and things are cooler for you now. It’s so much cooler here which is a relief and a nice walk is the order of the day.

There are so many differing opinions on the use of supplements whilst on chemo, I think it’s possible that the chemo type is a big factor here. I spoke with my oncologist who was the lead fellow on the ICON8 trial in 2014, I had carboplatin and paclitaxol. He was happy for me to continue with my supplements which I did and still take them.

Good luck lovely, you got this! ❤️Xx Jane

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Catfeeder in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks Cropcrop and fellow ruptured tumour lady, I will look up about this trialHave a good weekend

Karen x

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Dear Catfeeder,

Having already spoken to your team, you could try speaking to a specialist pharmacist about drug interactions with carboplatin?

Also, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre developed a useful database called 'About Herbs' which enables you to search for contraindications of the supplements you're considering. There is a link to the database within this article

Please do give us a call on 07503 682311 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm) if you'd like to talk anything through with a member of our support team.

Best wishes,

Laura Nott

Support Services

Thankyou Laura, I will follow up on the siteHave a good weekend

Oncologists vary in their attitudes (and advice) towards supplements. Never, ever take any supplement without letting your oncologist now, but you might find they advise for or against particular supplements.

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Catfeeder in reply to SopSinger

Thanks SopSinger

Have a good weekend

Were all different but l asked my oncologist about taking 1,000mg vit C and Turmeric & black pepper throughout my chemo and l was fine. I finished my chemo 2 years ago and apart from a stubborn bowel l have been NED ever since which is wonderful. Yes l do have my days when lm tired but my body's been through a lot of surgery. But l was told by the dietitian that Turmeric was very good for me. Good luck in whatever you decide. Sending love SheilaFxxx

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Catfeeder in reply to Realistic

Thankyou Shiela, stay safe and well x

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