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Co vid booster shots

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Has anyone been advised to get a Covid booster shot . I was told to sign up for one by my chemo nurse . Wondered if anyone else has been told the same thing . ?

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No…. Not heard anything, weren’t they supposed to be alongside the flu jab? My GP have flu appointments but no mention of you know what x

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I meant to ask my oncologist , but forgot , she has the flu shot and usually gives that I September. But my nurse said to schedule the booster at the pharmacy. I think I will get it before my next appt.

Thank you for your reply ,

Gill ,Mookie Fox

My doc told me to get 3rd shot and flu shot. I opted for vaccine #3 first. Had it last week. Will get flu shot after my next lab appt in couple weeks.

Thank you so much for answering me , I was just wondering if anyone else had been advised to get it . Was going to the pharmacy tomorrow for an appointment . My oncologist gives out the flu shot in September . Hope that you continue to do well ! All the very best .Gill mookie- fox

I got mine at pharmacy. Same as the last two - arm was sore at injection site for couple days. That was all. And thank you - good positive thoughts that you continue to do well too!!

Will do my very best I try to forget it between appointments and just live my lifeMy son and grandchildren were here last week to stay .My son said I looked good which boosted my spirits .

Greetings from the east coast . K

Not yet but hope I will be asked at my next telephone appt.

My internist says yes.

I had my third jab about three days after CDC approved it for immunocompromised. I was initially turned away solely because Medicare had not yet approved payment. However, the Walmart pharmacist called the next day and said my jab had been approved by Medicare. In the US no prescription or proof of qualification required, just an attestation form signed by recipient. I was relieved. Now, another hurdle. My next appointment with oncologist is September 13, but I live in New Orleans and Hurricane Ida knocked out power to entire city. I’m staying at a hotel in Missouri. Not sure when I will be able to get my quarterly bloodwork done. 😬Sashay

Sorry that all of you had such rough time with Ida. The remnants on are their way here later today .Just turned very windy and there are tornado warnings out .Hope that you all can get the help that you need as soon as possible . Good Luck

Thank you. My daughter drove from Houston to NOLA and retrieved my meds( which I foolishly left behind!). The great thing is that she cleaned out my fridge/freezer so I won’t have a stinky mess to deal with when I return. I am so glad the strengthened levees held. I hope you stay safe, too. 🙏🏽Sashay.

I'm due for my flu jab any time now but have not heard anything in UK for clinically vulnerable but then we are always a little behind😉. There is still talk of finishing vaccinating everyone else especially supplying other vulnerable countries. Glad you've got yours sorted.

I think that there is a worry about the surge in cases here , I hope they approve it asap for the vulnerable in the UK.

I'm certain there is a worry about a surge in cases here this autumn but the government is sitting on the fence as usual and I haven't heard of them making a decision any time soon. Discussions and debate ongoing seemingly 🙄. Take care. Jackie.

yes I was advised by my chemo doc to get as soon as possible...I got mine one and a 1/2 weeks after 3 rd session of chemo even consulted with pharmacist who has been with me through my chemo process......other than a sore arm and not feeling chipper for a day and a half no issues at all. First two shots were Moderna and last booster was Pfizer. In a perfect world I should get Moderna but Oncologist said more important for me to be protected. Pharmacist said same.

I got the Moderna too , I didn't know you get either or . Will go to my pharmacy. Thank you , good info !!

I’m in the US as well and just got my third vaccine at Dana Farber. They say it’s not a “booster.” It’s simply bringing immunosuppressed people up to the level of the fully vaccinated.

Thank you , I will make an appointment, our governor is a cancer survivor, he got one last week .

I had letter from my gp(uk) asking me to make appointment to have my 3rd covid vaccination and my flu jab at the same time. I've not had them yet as want them done separately. X

Hi , Thankyou for your input . I am in the USA and since I had the Moderna shot first time around I want that one around. According to some news outlets , it hasn't been approved for a 3rd shot .Since it is Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah here tomorrow, I will wait until Tuesday . Went to the Pharmacy on Friday, it was packed , so I left .

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