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Covid booster

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Does anyone have the definitive information on the Covid booster? I have heard that the vaccine for vulnerable patients differs from the one being used generally, but when I mentioned this to the nurse administering my flu vaccination this morning, she didn't know what I was talking about! Also, I understood that it should be given three months after the second Covid vaccination, but a doctor on BBC news this morning has just said not sooner than six months after. I have searched on line and looked on my survey's website, but still don't really know what I should be doing.


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Hi Jenny, I'm posting this link to the NHS booking site for vaccinations, but you need to scroll down to the information about boosters and it gives you the relevant information. That is you need to have it 6months/180 days after your second injection. It also highlights that you will be contacted by your GP surgery or NHS re booster.I wonder if you had heard that they are using both the Moderna as well as the Pfizer vaccine and for some reason with Moderna you receive half a dose for the booster. Pfizer is the normal dose.

I know my surgery are currently working through the over 80s and health and social care staff and then moving downtrend age range and us extremely vulnerable. In out area they are mainly using the Pfizer vaccine.

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Oops meant to sign it Judith

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Thanks for that information. My last Covid vaccination was the end of April, so hopefully I will hear something soon.


Hi JennyI have had the Pfizer booster,which I was told had to be 6 months after the second jab. I was called by my GP surgery. I did feel more tired about 3 days after having the jab and the glands under my arm were sore for about 3-4 days. I am on on the Parp Rucaparib.

Take care,

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Hi. I am on Rucaparib too. Did you have the same booster as everyone else, or something different because you were termed "vulnerable?"


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I had the Pfizer which was the same for everyone at my surgery.

Hi, I had my booster Covidshield jab on Thursday 7th . They text me at 11.30 asking me if I wanted it to reply yes and where . I text Yes at my G P and at 1 pm a lady rang giving me an appointment at 5.36 that afternoon I e 7th . The nurse confirmed it was Phizer and same amount as previuos jab. This was actually 5 days before 6 months , the nurse wasn’t keen on giving me it as she said the criteria is strictly not before 6 months but decided as the NHS had rang me the consultant must have decided that I was vulnerable because of my medical history. Cheers all you good people Lorna

Hi. I guess it’s different in the US but they approved a third shot (not considered a booster) for immunosuppressed people and it just had to be a month after the second shot. The boosters do have to be six months after. So confusing!

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That's what I heard. It's not the booster, but something different for immunosuppressive people. Perhaps they're not offering that in this country?

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I don't know. I thought they were originally but since we're all cancer patients it's hard to know what other people are being told!

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Hi Jenny, prob doesn’t help much as I’m in Scotland but yesterday I had a third full dose Covid vaccination….this time Moderna as previous 2 were Astra Zeneca (2nd dose in June). The nurse said mixing the types increases the efficacy. I will have a booster in 6 months time. I had Covid in Dec … if I catch it again after all this I’ll be very cross! I received the flu jab at the same time. I received an appointment letter from NHS ..didn’t think to check with my onc nurse about any of it 🥺 but feel ok. I’ve just finished chemo &debulk… hopefully start Niraparib next month. Hope you get a definitive answer. Charlotte x

I had received a link from the NHS to book the booster. I had Pfizer, as before, and it was the same dose as the previous two vaccines.

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I had Astra Zeneca before, but I know it's Pfizer or Moderna this time. A bit of a pick and mix!

I work for the NHS and both our Medical Director and Chief Pharmacist have given a lot of info on this. We are making people wait 6 months to the day, not even a day or two early. Also it is Pfizer for the vast majority for now because that’s the main availability. Some may get a different one if you reacted badly last time or have a history of reactions. It seems a bit pick and mix but apparently makes no difference to the effectiveness which you have. I actually got called for mine a few weeks ago, our work roll out didn’t start until later, unsure if this was because I’m under Oncology but I wasn’t CEV last time (but then hadn’t had BOT diagnosis). Most important thing is to get the booster at 6 months unless medically advised against (which is very very few people) as protection drops off rapidly after 6 months.

Also, get your flu jabs ladies, again unless medically advised against, may even be more important than covid booster as expecting a bad year.

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Yes. I had my flu vaccination yesterday.

I got my booster seven months after the second vaccine. The nurse who administered it said it was simply an additional dose of the same thing as the previous two Pfizer shots. No side affects at all from this one.

The oncologist suggested waiting a month before getting the flu shot.

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Thankyou. Actually the doctor on BBC said it would be ok to get both vaccinations at the same time! !!!

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It may be, but since the flu doesn’t really get started here until January, my doctor believes that it’s better to get it later on, since it will be effective until the end of the winter.

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Makes sense.

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I got my booster shot and my flu shot at the same time last week. I felt achy and tired for a couple of days after; I didn't feel that way after the first two covid shots. I'm glad I got it all over with, though.

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Yes. It's reassuring to know that we have done everything we can to protect ourselves.

HiI just had my third jab at the Royal Marsden. I was given a a form to fill in to tick whether I was having one of 4 options ie the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or booster. My invite said 3rd as I was immunosuppressed. I asked what the difference was between 3rd and booster. The doctor said there was actually no difference (though they had originally thought that the immunosuppressed would get something different). Now she said the only current difference is that those having the 3rd vaccine would be likely to be offered a 4th (though this is not definite). This all seems guaranteed to confuse but is hopefully accurate. It was 6 months after my 2nd dose.


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No wonder there's confusion!

Ps. I had the Pfizer vaccine and the above may only apply to that.

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Was your third dose at the Marsden a Pfizer one? I thought they were only doing AZ. Booked to have mine next week.

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Yes it was definitely Pfizer.

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That’s good to know, I had an allergic reaction to taxol so probably can’t get the Pfizer vaccine.

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It might be worth a call. They might have a different vaccine by next week.

My GP says I must have Pfizer after my other two Astra Zeneca. The Pfizer is termed a primary as opposed to a booster. I understand it is a 6 month gap that is required. And it is ok to have flu and primary on the same day says my oncologist. My flu and Pfizer were booked fir last week but My onc. said to cancel them as my debulk (I so prefer downsizing!) is next Thursday.

Hi other than the issue around your surgery that's the exact advice I had from my GP. Had both AZ Vax due to serious allergic reactions. Was concerned it wasn't being offered as booster but she reassured me as did your GP. Thanks for your post gives me a bit more reassurance. Wishing you well for your surgery and in going treatment. X

Ok. Thanks for clarifying.

Not heard anything about mine, but my surgery is the last to let you know. A fellow dogwalker this morning has said that we will have to go out of town somewhere for the booster instead of getting it in town as last time. She doesnt drive so is quite concerned.Not heard anything about a flue jab from my GP either!

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Might be worth giving your surgery a call My six months isn't til the end of October, so hopefully I will hear something then.

I’ve been called for a third dose (not booster) because I’d had chemotherapy less than 6m before my first two vaccinations. The advice on third doses is here

If you don’t fall in to any of the categories then it would be the standard booster.


I wonder if this third dose consists of the same vaccine as the booster. It could be I suppose.

Hi I’ve been called in to the Marsden for my third dose as I had my first just a week before starting chemo and second during chemo so are giving third dose as probably not fully vaccinated it will be just over three months since second one. The booster will be 6 months after third one. The letter was from my clinical team. My brother had third vaccination because he had his whilst having immunosuppressant medicine too. He will have booster 6 months later.

I had my booster after 8 months

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Hi all

Thank you for your replies to Jenny’s query. I wanted to share some information which I hope will bring some clarity on this topic.

I can confirm that the booster dose and third dose are not the same thing. JCVI guidance on the third dose which is part of the primary vaccination course, explains that:

‘This advice is for individuals aged 12 and over who had severely weakened immune systems at the time of their first or second Covid-19 vaccination doses in the primary schedule. Those who were receiving, or had received in the previous 6 months, immunosuppressive chemotherapy or radiotherapy are eligible under this guidance.’


The aim of the third dose is for it to lift the immune response in those who were immunosuppressed at the time of vaccination (and therefore their vaccination may not have produced the desired immune response) to that of the rest of the vaccinated population. The third dose should be at least 8 weeks after the second. This group who receive a third dose will then be eligible for a booster dose from 6 months after their final dose as part of primary vaccination schedule.

Ovacome has compiled some information about third doses, which I hope will be helpful for you all:

A booster dose however is slightly different to a third dose. A booster dose is offered at least 6 months after your last dose and is intended to extend protection through the winter period. Here is the guidance for booster doses, which I hope will be of interest:

In this instance there doesn't appear to be specific guidance on booster doses for those that are clinically extremely vulnerable. It seems that booster doses are being administered in the same way as the first and second round of initial vaccinations and therefore those who are clinically extremely vulnerable will be invited in the priority groups ahead of the general population.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about this information or would like to talk anything through with a member of our support team. We’re here Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm on 0800 008 7054, or you can chat with us directly through the forum.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

Thank you.


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