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Carbo/caelyx and hair loss

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Simple question…did you loose or keep your hair on this combination of drugs? I have heard either can happen….including thinning of hair….

Thank you

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I was on that Combo for 9 months. Hair thinned 20% but grew back within few months from finishing.

Thank you for response xx

I'm on that combo at the moment and due for number 3 of 6 this Wednesday. I've kept my hair, it has thinned but it's not too noticeable.

Thank you xx

3rd chemo got delayed for a week and now bloods have recovered. So 3rd treatment went ahead today. Will let you know how it goes with the hair. 😘🤗

Thank you! Hope you are feeling Ok after number 3 😄xx

Had headache soon after treatment and felt nauseous but soon cleared with meds. Must be ok, doing the housework but at a steadier pace. 🙄😂 XX

Housework always wins! 🤣🤣🤣

No full hair loss, thinning ever so slightly not very noticeable and hair growth is slower than normal.

Hoping I am the same; has your other hair kept growing? Eyebrows, under arm etc? Xx

Yes everything else is the same.

That’s great….fingers crossed for me..only had the one treatment so far though..xx

Wishing you all the best, have had 2 and had to stop this week is the 3rd one, had few side effects, but also tend to get mine a week and half after the initial dosage which does not give me much time to get ready for the next one.

I was on these drugs for nearly seven months. I think it did get a little thinner but difficult to be sure because I'd had it cut very short at the time. Now it has grown out somewhat I think my hair looks much like it did before possibly looks a bit thinner but nothing drastic and I am growing out straggely layers.

Thank you, hoping I just have a little takes so long to grow back…

I was recommended the Cold cap when I was having this combination due the hair thinning and also told not to use the hair drier on a hot setting and baby shampoo.Thankfully my hair stayed in very good condition.Good luck with your treatment x

Thank you….am using the mild shampoo and trying not to wash my hair everyday….. xx

I had 6 cycles of carbo/caelyx for my first recurrence in 2017, and though my hair had only just grown back after frontline (carbo/taxol) the year before, it carried on growing strongly all through my treatment.

That’s great to hear..I suspect my hair may be still growing as eyebrows and chin hair need plucking! Only had one treatment so far though. Good to hear lots of people had kept enough hair to not be too noticeable when out and about… xx

I am on this combination now. I have been on it for 5 months and have my last cycle on September 14th. I have had the cold cap all through the treatment and my hair has remained perfect. Good luck with your treatment 💕

Mine stayed but it ALL grows quite slowly now, including the chin ones 🙄 x

I had very thick hair but with this combination it went really thin it came out everywhere my hairbrush had to be cleared everytine I used it. If I toughed my head a dozen strands would come out the carpets had this ginger layer on top of them as I am a red head. Hoover had to work Overtime. It looked ok but I lost my fringe completely and had to have one cut in further back I was aware of bald temples. It stopped falling out 4 weeks after I finished this treatment. I don't feel it's growing back yet but it's only two months since I finished. Much less traumatic than lossing all your hair which I did with carbo and paclitaxol. And a slightly easier treatment. Good luck Gilian

Hope you hair starts growing soon Gillian and glad you kept enough to keep looking ok. Thanks for your reply

I lost all my thick hair with Carbo/Taxol and all my body hair but l did have very long sessionsBut within 3 months l had a lovely head of hair it was white but l was happy. Although l quite liked

having different wigs. Wasn't so keen on the eyebrows & eyelashes going but again they were

back before l knew it. So please don't worry it usually very temporary. Good luck and were all different spoke to lots whose hair just thinned slightly . I was told l would definitely lose all my

Hair. Sending hugs SheilaFxxx

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