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Recent cancer news - blindsided

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Hi It's recent news for me.

Enjoying the sea walks and sunshine

but going quietly crazy.

Would like to share...

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Hi, this is a good place to share......

Hi Turquoise KateSea walks and sunshine i am right there with you xx

Go at your own pace and share if and when you are ready. Blindsided is an accurate word and we have literally all been there, sending a big hug



thank you 😊Sharing with those close now

but feeling must be positive & strong , while actually quite shocked

Hi thereSounds like the perfect plan xx give yourself all the time you need xx i am over 7 years since diagnosis and at the beginning I thought my life was over xx it just makes you change your outlook thoughts and dreams. For me this has been a good thing in the long run making sure i milk life for all its worth, and taking one day at a time xx



We’re here for when you’re ready Kate.

Please keep looking at this site. You don't need to post or comment or share unless you want to but you will find so much help and support from people who have been where you are today. X

Welcome. When you feel like it you can ask any questions here or just vent. This is a hugely supportive community. Xx

Hi Turqoise Kate

I See you are following me, if you want some positive feedback, I am here, don't come on here too much anymore, but if you want advice or a chat you can always pm me.

thanks I think you are nearby? Brighton

No hun, I’m in Kent

Hi. Welcome. The ladies here are lovely and so supportive. Share, vent, ask questions whenever you feel ready. I don't always post but I do follow the conversations on here - I have learned a lot and find many experiences quite uplifting. Carry on enjoying your sea walks - I am quite envious. 🤗 Jackie

Yes, it is ghastly. The news tears your insides out. It is awful. But treatment starts and you make new friends who understand. You get hope. There is huge positivity on this forum and lots of good advice.You start to look at cancer as a chronic disease -- like COPD or heart failure -- that you can treat medically and live with. It s not an immediate death sentence.

Take your time to get used to the diagnosis and recover from what has been a heart-wrenching shock. And then join us all in the battle against this goddamn awful disease. Start treatment as soon as you can.

A word of advice -- don't google endlessly. There is a lot of rubbish on the web. Go to reputable sites like this one or Macmillan or Cancer Research. I found it a great help to tell everyone right away. I was given support by the most surprising people. But you have to digest the news first and tell people when it is right for you.

Thinking of you and hoping you start to feel more positive very soon x

Hi. Take your time. The sea walks, the sunshine will become part of your overall treatment and often the effect of such therapy is more positive than we realise. The ovacome team attached to the forum are a great support aswell as the members. Wishing you well.xx


We’ll all be with you through the good & bad times. It is such a massive shock at first. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel.

Take good care xxx

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