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News strategies in ovarian cancer treatment

Hello, ladies.

I was reading some reviews at the site of American Society of Cancer Research ( aacr.org) and found this interesting article, published in March 2013 about "news strategies in the treatment of ovarian cancer - clinical perspectives and future potencial" .

As this is a subject of high interest to all people in this blog, here is the link to the paper:


Hugs to all,


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Thanks for posting this Fernanda. I am under Professor Kaye and Dr Banerjee at the Royal Marsden but I hadn't seen this paper.

Just printing it now to have a read...

Best wishes



That's fascinating. The idea of attacking the micro environment at molecular level is a new level

It is a logical other path in addition to attacking at cellular level in the wider environment via IV chemo, the IP treatments that bathe the direct environment of the site in chemo, and dietary attacks (budwig/other anti cancer protocols) to recondition the macro environment of the body too.

The first time I have seen a nice clear diagram of the subtypes of OC too - mine was endometroid and I haven't come across anyone else with that yet,

Thanks Fernanda


Sue xxx


Hi Sue

Snap - mine was endometroid too.



Hi Sue,

Mine is endometriod, and, like you, I haven't heard of many OC patients with this sub type. Haven't yet looked at the article, but the more knowledge, of the peer reviewed, scientifically based type, the better informed we will all be. There is so much downright rubbish out there it makes me furious!!!!

Best wishes, Alex.


Just read it. Fascinating. There is always hope on the horizon. Thanks for posting. A XX


Thank you for posting this. Very interesting and encouraging. x


Other than that though - any of our lovely tame docs on this want to summarise/ bullet the highlights? It's heavy going. Looks like a real focus on combatting platinum and taxane resistance which would be of interest to understand for many of the ladies here...


I will drag out my rusted research degree and try. Cells survive by various processes that are driven by biochemicals inc. RNA and DNA (this is an extreme simplification). In most of these processes the cancer cell is similar to normal body cells. However research has identified some proteins that are over expressed (there are too many of them) in cancer cells. You can see some of these at this link: clearityfoundation.org/dian...

Much of the latest therapeutic research is about identifying these over expressions and using them to develop new drugs that will kill the cancer cells but leave normal cells alone.

Avastin is slightly different in that rather than acting on the cell it acts to prevent tumour growth by inhibiting the tumour's ability to form a new blood supply - without a blood supply, a tumour will die because it cannot get essential nutrients. Avastin inhibits a compound called VEGF - vascular endothelial growth factor.

The diagram basically shows these abnormalities and underneath lists the therapeutic agents that have been shown to be effective against them.

PARP inhibitors essentially stop cancer cells repairing DNA - a process that is essential to cell survival. Cells with the BRCA mutations are usually susceptible to PARP inhibition, but others are not - although there are indications that high grade serous OC without the mutation may also be susceptible.

Hope this helps. Cx

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Simples!! I wish lol love Paul xx


In a nutshell they are talking about Avastin and Rucaparib. Looks good for the future. Rgds Paul x


Pr chick I had endometroid ovca too. Still here to tell the tale 3 years on


Oh good ;-)

Thanks - good to know am not alone x


Thanks for posting this up Fernanda. Perhaps NICE will reconsider bevacizumab (which is more commonly known as Avastin) if it can be used more cost-effectively by directing it to the T-Cells rather than adding it to the standard doses of carbo-platin and paclitaxol.

Altogether hopeful news which is a good start to the day.

xxx Annie


Thank you Fernanda for this link.. Interesting ..love x G x :-)


I'm happy to see this information gave hope to some people in this blog. Lots of love to all,



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