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Good Heavens. I did it!

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Well ladies. I refused to have lung biopsy or another CA125 until I went parasailing 🪂 with my daughter for my 70th. I’ve had a great week in the US Virgin Islands. CA125 and mammogram next week so it’s back to work. 🙄


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That's wonderful x

Thanks, Lizzieanne. I’m glad I mustered the courage to do it. Sashay

That looks great fun. Good for you it'll set up, let's hope it's good news. Take care Sue xx 🤞

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Sashay2020 in reply to SUE7777

Thanks, Sue. It was nice to get away from things for a bit. Sashay

Wow!! amazing, well done. Hope your results are good.

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Sashay2020 in reply to Caleda4

Thanks, Caleda. Now if I can just unpack my suitcase. 🙄Sashay

Yay for you! That looks fantastic! Good luck with your tests!

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Sashay2020 in reply to delia2

Thanks, Delia. 🙏🏽🤞🏽Sashay

What a great way to celebrate 70Hope you get good results

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Sashay2020 in reply to TNkit

Thanks, TNkit. 🤞🏽🙏🏽Sashay

Sashay, well done you obviously have no fear ! I am jealous just looking at the beautiful blue sky behind you. Good luck with the mammogram 🤞all will be good X

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Sashay2020 in reply to Tulips66

Thanks, Tulips. Doing my best to stay positive. Sashay

That looks so exciting I bet you had such great time 👍😃. Happy 70th and all the best for your mammo xx

Thanks for the good wishes, Heart. 🤞🏽🙏🏽Sashay

Well done.Best of luck

Thanks, Manchesterlady. 🙏🏽🤞🏽Sashay

Good for you and well done xxxx i hope your results are good xxx

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Sashay2020 in reply to Bettyxxx

Thank you, Betty. I’m hoping for the best. Sashay

You are fabulous ❤️

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Sashay2020 in reply to SASSY196

You are too kind, Sassy. Thanks. Sashay

Parasailing looks brilliant, what an amazing photo!

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Sashay2020 in reply to Eleybelly

Thanks so much, Eleybelly. It was surprisingly quiet and peaceful up there. Sashay

what an awesome picture and I bet you had the most wonderful time! Good for you!

Thanks, Summergold. It was really great to spend some happy time with my daughter. Sashay

Looks terrifying but what an achievement . Well done Sashay! I hope your results are yet another achievement

Love Angela x

Thanks so much for the good wishes, Angela. I really enjoyed my time with my daughter. Sashay

That looks so amazing! Good for you. I just got back from a trip to Tennessee and saw my son and family. I live in Michigan, long car trip for me. Anyway, I was so happy, because I climbed up part of a mountain and could view the great Smokey mountains. It was amazing and I can’t believe I actually made that climb. My blood counts were ok, so the nurse told me to go ahead and make the trip. It did feel good to get back home, however. It was a short trip of 6 days. Happy 70th! I will be 75 in November. Take care, Donna U.S.A. xx

I’ve never seen the great Smokies. Would love too one day. It’s good to hear that you were able to spend time with your son and family. That’s so important. And I find a road trip lifts my spirits. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope your 75th will be a real wham doodle!Sashay

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