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Anyone refused a catheter?

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Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is my op, hysterectomy, omentum (the works). I really do not want a catheter, it’s upsetting me more than op.

Anyone managed ok without?

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Hi. I know how you feel BUT after such surgery it is unlikely that you will be able to use a commode or any other method of emptying your bladder. It is put in whilst you’re anaesthetised. Also there must be a check on fluid intake and output and having a catheter makes this more accurate. I was pretty zonked out for a day or so before any attempt was made to get me out of bed, so the catheter was a boon. The nurses will not keep the catheter in for any longer than absolutely necessary. I had no problems with the catheter whilst it was in nor subsequently. All the best for your surgery.

Thank you BanksiaRose. I’m know it makes sense. All things considered, it’s the least of my problems!

Hi, I'm afraid I agree with other message, it's probably unavoidable. The op is quite big and you will probably be zonked after it. Also I think they need to check your urine output so they can check kidneys functioning. What about it worries you? I'm not wanting to belittle your feelings but understand so that maybe if you could set this out we could try to help you further. If worries around hygiene/ infection- mine was done when asleep but everything re maintaining I saw was very carefully, cleanly done. The removal was painless and quick by a female nurse. There were big efforts to maintain my dignity- It was covered by bedclothes so visitors ( if you are allowed them) couldn't see. If worries relate more to loss of control then it's hard, I suppose my advice would be just to try to let go a little, it's hard but let the doctors and nurses look after you for a bit. If none of that helps you then maybe just try to focus on ,- this just has to be got through so I can get better, recover and get on with my life. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping all goes really well. You have got this xxx

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Hi Sassy, yes, I think it is about control. It’s another intrusion. I’m such an independent person. “Let go”, yes, I like that. I will try. Thank you so much for your reply and kind words of encouragement xxx

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SASSY196 in reply to Whybirdie

Well it's completely understandable. You/ we have lost control of so much, but you have taken control because your last post was how you were pushing for the surgery to come forward and you seem to have really sorted that. Sadly I think in this case you have to give control over but it will be medically beneficial. Just try to let them look after you- just for a little while let go, remembering it will be temporary. On the upside you may find once tumour is removed you may have better control of your bladder, I could hold much more wee as no tumour pushing on my bladder! But I do think control is important of the things that you can, so once you are up and running again after a few days of being looked after ask all the questions, make the decisions etc. As I said you got this, please do post once all done so we know how you are xxx

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Whybirdie in reply to SASSY196

I went straight to the Top Dog’s secretary, Sassy. Phoned first thing, following my last post, on the Monday morning. Things proceeded at lightning speed ( as it should have done in the first place). I also fired an email to PALS. Roll on this time next week...

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Fabulous. That is way to get things done. Xxx

I didn’t know I was having a catheter until I woke up with one! But my worry had been about whether I would be able to go afterwards because after previous abdominal surgery I desperately wanted a wee but my muscles went into shock and wouldn’t let was horrible.So I would say it is the better can lie there without the fear of having to move your sore tummy and drink plenty!

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Whybirdie in reply to Lyndy

Thanks Lyndy. I know you’re right. I’ll have to deal with it. We all have these irrational fears, don’t we? Your experience sounds dreadful, I’m so sorry you had that experience, thank you for your advice xx

Understand your fears but for me it was one less thing to worry about and you can drink lots of water without thinking about going to the looHope all goes well with your operation xx

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Whybirdie in reply to Slipper1

Thank you Slipper, with everyone’s advice and encouragement I’m feeling a lot more at ease xx

I never knew I had one for quite a while! I didn't feel it and didn't feel them remove it. I had no bladder problems after my debunking. (bowels are a whole different story!!

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Mommoo, that’s encouraging! Bowels? Oh my...

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Mommoo65 in reply to Whybirdie

I just had diarrhea a lot! But it was that way thru out all my chemo's, too. I think it was caused by meds I was taking for an unrelated condition.

I didn't know I was fitted with a catheter until I was in intensive care. As soon as I went back to the general ward I asked for it to be removed .No problems

For my operation, they did the catheter after I was under anesthesia. It was a couple of days before they removed it, which felt odd but not painful. All the nurses were very kind as they helped me - I was quite literally in their hands, and I found it comforting to be cared for in such a professional manner. I've always been a private and modest person but I just had to set that aside somewhat. It was all okay. I wish you the best outcome possible and a speedy recovery! Deb in Colorado

To be honest with all that good morphine making the whole recovery painless you won't notice it's there...everything is done with dignity, like you there were certain aspects of the whole operation I underwent that terrified me, but in the end like most in here will tell you movement of bowels is the pits so to speak takes you to a whole different dimension....wishing you a speedy recovery from the Op and hope it all goes well.

I had one in for 3 days. Never noticed it and not painful when removed. Everything was normal after it. I would not have like to had to try and get on commode or to toilet. Once it was removed I was able to use toilet instead of commode.

I agree with the other ladies but do understand where you’re coming from. I asked if mine could be inserted once I was asleep so I didn’t know about it. Removing it was painless and quick and you weren’t ‘on display’. Good luck with the op xx

I completely understand your concerns and objection to the catheter. I was exactly the same when I had my operation in February. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was no pain or discomfort from the C. It was a bit weird when passing water, but the nurses remove the C ASAP. It was a HUGE important comfort not to have to get out of bed, but just rest. Trust. You will be ok. Xx

Many, many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reassure me. I’m leaving home soon and making my way to the hospital. I’ll update you all in a few days time, bye for now xxxx

Try not to worry about it. Totally understand but you honestly won't know it's there and they'll remove it as soon as possible so you can start moving about. And it means you can relax for a day or 2 post op knowing you don't have yo get up for the loo. Removal wasn't in the least uncomfortable and discreetly done. As with the other ladies, bowels were the pits!😨

I know exactly what you mean, it's difficult to imagine how all this is going to be before you have the op. you should go with the catheter as it'll be the best option. Don't worry they'll take it out as soon as they can. You'll be fine the op. sounds a lot more scary than it actually is and your in very safe hands of people who've done it all before and will look after you. Take care and all the best Sue xx

I totally understand your concern because I was worried about having one too. Like everyone here has said, it was put in under anesthesia, I was glad for it post-op, and as soon as my nurses knew I was able to get up without any problems, they removed it. It is strange to be dependent on others when we are so used to being in control of all aspects of our lives, but I have to say, all the staff were very respectful, kind and knew their stuff. All the best with your operation and recuperation!

The catheter didn’t cause me any problems and is put in when you are asleep. It is really very convenient and not at all painful - I did have an epidural though.

Its only a temporary thing, dont worry it will soon be out. Don't upset yourself, at least that was my experience. Good luck sending love & hugs. Xxx

Trying to use a bedpan or commode in the first couple of days post op would be a nightmare, & it would be very difficult for the staff trying to help you too, Having a catheter is painless, & much easier to cope with until you start to get mobile enough to help yourself. Di

I had the same surgery and was glad I had the catheter. Best of luck to you!

I had one and actually asked them to leave it in an extra day because normally I would be in and out of the loo three times a night, and it was a bit of a boon !

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stparker54 in reply to rosebine

The new catheters are better; I didn't even know I had one in me. When I had surgery in 2008, I pleaded with the nurses to remove it; it was so painful.

Er...don't think you have a choice as you will have a drain plus morphine pump plus drips. They will remove it after a few days

I didn’t even know I had a catheter! I had an epidural but I knew about that because I had to sign a form agreeing. I knew my fluid intake was being monitored but I was oblivious as to how that was done. When the nurses said they were taking the catheter out, I mistakingly thought they meant a cannula, of which I had a number.

So I’d not worry too much about a catheter as you won’t know it’s there - also as others have said, you won’t be able to get up to go to the loo for a day or so anyway.

Good luck!

I don’t even remember the catheter-it was already out by the time I came round

I had one and glad I did as my kidneys had a few issues after the 6 hour surgery and had to increase the saline to flush them and start them going again they took it out on day 3 left the hospital day 4 with no other issues. Safety is the wasn't that weird actually.

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