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Has anyone kept their hair on Taxol? Mine is thin after 7 sessions but still there.....I really don’t want to start wearing my wig until it’s absolutely necessary x

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sadly my hair started to fall out after 2 sessions, not nice and evenly though, I have bald patches. I got fed up with everything being covered in hair so my husband shaved me with a trimmer. I love it! I love my wigs, no more bad hair days. x

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Lockygill in reply to lyn1987

Thanks Lyn. You have inspired me to try my wig on.....x

Hi Lockygill,

I didn’t keep my hair either. I did what Lyn1987 did and when it started to come out I had my head shaved. That felt, and looked, much better; it gave me a sense of control as it was MY decision.

I did have a wig but I think I only wore it twice, otherwise I wore scarfs or turbans. It was rather obvious that I was on chemo but I found that quite useful as I didn’t have to explain anything.

Everyone is different but I haven’t heard of anyone keeping their hair in taxol - Carboplatin , yes, but not Paclitaxel.

Please let us know how you get on,

Iris x

Hello - Mine was falling out in large clumps by the end of week two after just my first infusion last June. I was on treatment every three weeks. The evening of my second treatment I had what was left cut really short to tidy it up but within another couple of weeks that was gone as were my eyebrows and lashes. I bought a wig but only wore it a few times. I preferred scarves and hats.

I finished chemo in late October so it’s growing back now which I am really pleased about. I had no sickness and very little tiredness with the chemo but rapid hair loss.

I understand now why doctors can’t tell us how we will get on as we are all so different and respond so differently.

Best wishes

Yvonne xxx

My hair thinned, but I didn't lose it all. I was told it was unusual but not unheard of. Weirdly, l lost more on one side of my head than the other. Di

Hi, my hair thinnned and what was left was very patchy. Just got my husband to take scissors to it last night. Five more chemos to go and decided when it did start to grow it needed to be from the same point everywhere.Best of luck with treatment.


I didn't lose all my hair with Taxol - I was left with thin pale wisps. My chemo was in summer, so I wore sun hats away from home and very rarely wore my wigs. The hair that did fall out, grew back quickly and thick, but a totally different colour - what had been red came back jet black, which I hadn't expected; but gave an interesting effect with the pale hair I'd been left with.

I kept my hair but I did wear the cold cap x

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66dj in reply to DouglasPouch

I’ve completed 5 out of 6 months ( 3 weeks and week off) and still have my long hair, I’m on Paclitaxel and carboplatin, I use a cold cap every time!

Hello LockygillI used to have long thick coppery blond hair which fell out very quickly when I started chemotherapy in 2017, I made more mess than my two dogs and three cats put together so helped it along a bit with the scissors. I have a lovely wig much shorter than my original hair but it is fantastic. To be honest it has never nor will ever bother me losing my hair which is now quite long and quite a nice natural silvery grey colour, when all is said and done we are here and that is more important than hair especially when we can choose a wig and if we dont like it swap it for another, much more difficult to restyle our normal hair. I am on 3rd line chemotherapy now (carbo) so lose a bit but still have plenty. Very best wishes to you. June

Thanks June. I lost my red curly hair 7 years ago after chemo and it didn’t bother me a bit and grew back grey and quite lovely. I’ve got a new partner now and the baldness bothers me a bit more this time. I’ll get over it I’m sure. I’ll order a wig and give it a go x

Bless you my lovely always remember life and living will always be more important than hair. Go wild and completely different with your wig, I am sure you will look fabulous. Xx

I began losing mine about 2 weeks after started Carbo/Taxol. I buzzed my hair as well. It was almost like a right of passage (so to speak). I agree, it gave me a sense of control over what was happening. I wore a wig 1 day and retired her the next. I thought I’d have been more vain about it but braved my new look. One of my coworkers wore her shaved head proudly and I always admired her for that. A silk or satin pillowcase is a suggestion for comfort. Best, Nadie

Lost most of mine and had it cut really short.

Mine receded until I looked as though I a reverse tonsure (hair only on my crown). Didn't have it shaved as already quite short and mostly found that fall out was in shower drain. Wore scarves and turbans rather than wig and it started growing back quite quickly, Looked like a halo at Christmas - could have played Angel Gabriel in the nativity (I'm very fair, and gone even fairer with age).

I'm about to have treatment 8 out of 18 weekly single agent Taxol. My hair is thinning and I have a spot on the top of my head that is pretty bald, but hideable for now. Bit annoying as it had only just properly grown back after finishing first line carbo/Taxol. I'm trying the cold cap this time and will stick with it for the time being.

I had a combination of chemo went right up until the 2nd chemo then my hair just completely knotted together it was horrible. So l went to my hairdresser and she shaved it off for me. I did start wearing wigs but that was because l was cold about the head. And ld had Brain surgery 12 years previouly for a tumour and my head looks like a Golf course not very nice. So l had my wigs and actually it was great different styles no messing about just on and off

Sometimes short ,sometimes long, it was great really and they really are realistic so dont worry about wearing wigs people won't even know your wearing one. I now have a thick head of curly white hair totally different but l like it , and its hair your hair will grow back it just takes time. Stay safe & positive

Love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Lockygill in reply to Realistic

Thank you

I got my husband to shave my head and didn’t bother with a wig. Hair , shmair, they’re itchy and tight. Anna bandana do soft caps with detachable peaks ( needed to keep the sun and dust and rain out of your eyes when the eyebrows go). Good luck! Xx

I have lost all the hair on my head after having 3-weekly Taxol. I bought a wig but have worn it only twice once when Lockdown was lifted and I went out to a restaurant and once on Christmas Day when I was invited to my friend’s house for my turkey dinner. Apart from that I have worn turbans which I find very comforting. I wear a turban in bed at night to keep my head warm at the moment! Good luck with it!

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