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My wife Suzanne last had chemo 3 years ago yesterday (Sept 2017) to deal with her 2nd recurrence. This is now the longest time without chemo since her diagnosis in March 2013.

She has been taking olaparib (her magic pills, as I call them) since Oct 2017 and so far so good. Long may they continue to work for her.

Her inspiration is Kathy (Katmal-UK), who has now successfully trialled olaparib for 6 or 7 years - so thank you so much Kathy both for going on the trial originally and also for continuing to inspire so many with your success and support.

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Great news! Long may the magic pills continue to be magic! It’s lovely to hear these positive stories.

Take care,


What a triumph long may this continue for your wife,

I hope that you are enjoying this warm spell of weather.

Take care. X

Awwww ty! I'm actually sat in The Christies where I have just been told (5 mins) ago that the trial has finished and unblinded which means that they now know for certain I have been on Olaparib. All indicators previously were that I was. I actually feel so elated I feel like crying. I get to stay on the drug, same check ups. same scans etc as they need the additional data. Honestly, This is my third trial and if I have to Id do another in a heartbeat if it helped just one person. Xx Kathy xx

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WoodyB in reply to Katmal-UK

Fantastic fantastic!! So pleased for you and thank you again! xx

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Katmal-UK in reply to WoodyB

Ty I truly hope Suzanne does as well as I have xx

Yes, thanks, Kathy!!!! You are such a beacon of hope for others.

That's really good news. Thank you so much for sharing your wife's success story with us😁

Is she BRACA positive or negative?

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WoodyB in reply to Teamteal2020

Suzanne is BRCA2 positive

Thank you for that update. It’s great to hear that it’s such a success.


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WoodyB in reply to WoolyHat

Hello Anne, how are you doing on olaparib?

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WoolyHat in reply to WoodyB

I’m doing well on it at the moment, thank you. I’ve been on it for 18 months. 🤞🤞🤞

Thank you for asking.

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