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1st chemo


Hi Ladies

I am having my 1st chemo today.

Feel slightly anxious and trying to stay positive and not think too much about what and how if any side effects I may encounter. 🤔

I will keep you posted on how I get on...xxx

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Hi, it's natural to feel anxious when you are going in to have your first chemo & I am sure everyone of us on here were the same but believe me it's not as bad as you think. Make sure you bring a warm cardigan with you as the chemo can make you cold & I also found my feet got cold so after having my first few infusions I copped on and brought a pair of slippers with fur inside or those socks with grips on the soles , as long as they are non slip as you will find you will need to go the toilet alot too. Just make yourself as comfortable as possible as depending on how many chemo's you are having it could be a long day. Good luck today hope it all goes well X🌸

I’m 69 with stage 4 OC. My first chemo was in July. It went quite well. I was able to snack, snooze and eat a sandwich for lunch. My daughter ordered frozen booties for my feet and a frozen pad to stick my fingers in to try and reduce chance of neuropathy. Before you get the chemo, you are infused with the “premeds” to help you get through the chemo. Mine included Benadryl (which makes you sleepy), anti-nausea medication, medication to combat upset stomach and dexamethasone, a steroid (just makes you feel better in general, I find). I think you will do well with your first chemo. I did. Nurses were very kind. Good luck, Dubai. 💪🏽

Best wishes from Louisiana


Dubai18 in reply to Sashay2020

Thank you Sashsay2020. I am 61 and I'm not sure what my.grafing is but it is defo High Grade Serus carcinoma and metastases.

I am hoping things go well and I have a few more years to spend with my family.

Love xxx

The first chemo session is probably the scariest one simply because you don’t know what to expect. The oncology nurses will talk you through the process and it most likely won’t be anywhere near as bad as you think it will be.

Drink plenty of water on the day, it makes the veins better for accessing and the whole process so much easier.

I met lots of nice people the chemo room and had some lovely chats and made lots of new ‘friends’. One lady in particular is still a great friend, we catch up as often as we can, currently it’s mostly via email and texts due to Covid but we are looking forward to being able to catch up again as soon as we can.

We got you lovely, you can do this ❤️Xx Jane

Dubai18 in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you Jane xx

I wish you luck with your first chemo. It is always a bit nerve racking first of all,but once you have been you will not worry so much, as you do get to know the chemo nurses etc. Take something to occupy yourself whilst there.

Take care. xx

Dubai18 in reply to Caleda4

Thank you Caleda4 x

Goodluck. Once first one is over you know what to expect each time.

Thanks Patricia 54053. I'm feeling okay atm, have had the steroid, a antihistamines and now on the chemo drug, feeling a bit sleepy. Xx

I always have a doze when getting chemo. After 30 mins my eyes won't stay open. Passes the time lol😁😁

Hi, I remember so well my first chemo, the feeling in the pit of my stomach. You sound braver than me, I cried on my nurse's shoulder, what was the point in chemo when Id already been told I had a poor prognosis? That was 13 years ago this coming Nov. Despite 2 recurrences This August I reached 7 years NED albeit in atrial drug. You have this! Big hug xx Kathy xx

Dubai18 in reply to Katmal-UK

Thank you for your reply, it makes me feel stronger mentally and physically....just to hear the positivity and that we can all beat this. Love xxx

It’s natural to be nervous but don’t worry

I’ve had three rounds and now awaiting surgery then three more rounds

My first chemo was ok the worst hit two days later with horrible constipation but now I know what medicine to take after and rounds two and three were. Ok in that area

The first is a learning experience

Chemo is cumulative so do expect some Fatigue as you progress through and you may notice subtle differences in how you feel each time

But hang in there and keep marching forward

It will work and you will look back on it and realize how really strong you are

Dubai18 in reply to Supermary

Yes I'm sure,that fatigue is gonna be one aspect. But we are so lucky to have the NHS and get looked after well.

We are all stronger than we think and dont always give ourselves credit for this.

Thank you. x

Wishing you all the very best for today. I hope it all goes well for you xxx

Thank you

Good luck today! Just know you have an entire group of warriors cheering you on from all over the world! xoxo Carol

Dubai18 in reply to Tenacious66

Awww thanks Carol . Do you know it's all the ladies here who have given me hope and strength. I appreciate all of you. Xxx

Wishing you the very best!! Remember this is a step in the right direction.


So now it's over and that is the first one sorted! Hopefully you will fee less apprehensive next time - I was so scared when I want for the first one but it is only natural.

I have had very few side effects (had my fifth chemo and third immunotherapy on Monday.) The only things I have are achy legs and sometimes odd shooting pains for the third and fourth day after treatment, and I feel very tired at the same time. This lasts just a couple of days and I start to pick up - it doesn't interfere with anything I need to do - in fact I find going for walk helps and I am also still working at home.

I did have horrible constipation after the first but this was due to one of the anti-sickness pills I took the first time in case I was ill - I don't take it anymore and it all sorted itself out.

You will get lots of information and support from this forum, so please stay in touch and let us know how you are getting on.



Dubai18 in reply to LesleyGB

Lesley, thank you for info I too am experiencing a few shooting pains in lower abdomen today after 2nd day,and was worried until I read your post. I think I may be constipated but will keep an eye on this as I have been given anti sickness tablets to take too until tomorrow.

Love Jas xxx

LesleyGB in reply to Dubai18

Yes shooting pains in abdomen, sometimes ribs but mainly achy knees and legs! Hopefully it won't last long and you will pick up very soon.


Good luck with your first chemo, like everyone says it’s not quite as bad as you think you just don’t know what to expect. My total hair loss was the biggest shock but again you adapt. I got a few wigs and they always made

me feel better. And although l had a mixture of chemo my chemo was

9 hrs so they let me have a proper bed so l was always comfortable. And

the main thing it stabilised my cancer l am stage 4 OC and it’s nearly a year since l finished. I do have 1 lymph node on the radar. So staying positive

and getting on with normal life. So stay positive sending love & hugs.

Wishing you all the best, the nurses are lovely and will look after you. Take care Suexx

Thank you Sue x

Chemo is your friend your partner. Research efficacy of light fasting i found it eliminated side effects. Good luck

I live in the US so, of course, I am a day behind getting your news. Everyone is different, but the ladies here all have great advice on side effects. Mine is to make sure you eat, drink lots of water, and keep your spirits up. AND keep checking in with us. This is a very caring and knowledgeable bunch of ladies! Hugs, Jill

Dubai18 in reply to Mommoo65

Thanks Jill xx

My chemo was 5 years ago. I had the common first line combination of Carbo/ Taxol so memories are fuzzy but don't be a afraid to talk to consultants with any concerns. You'll do fine and get thru it. XXX Jill

I hope you are feeling a little better after your first treatment! I too, was worrying about the unknown on my first treatment. I’m in Texas and was treated with the standard Taxol/ Carboplatin. I was there almost all day...I slept, I read a book and I ordered out lunch. For me, it was just a very surreal kind of day. The one thought I always have is that I trust my Dr. her experience and I always, always believe I can do this! So far, I’ve had three treatments and A successful surgery Yeah!!!! followed by treatment #4.... Drink lots of water...and ask for a bag of fluids if you need them...

Sending you a big X...Karen

Dubai18 in reply to TXyall

Thank you Karen, great news with your journey. Hope mine is too.

After my 1st chemo, I have had a few side effects such as pain in body muscles and suffering constipation. Last night was the worst pain. Hoping today I will feel much better and that my constipation gets resolved too...🙏🏼😊. Jas x

Good luck hope it goes well, love & hugs sent your way, stay positive always

Sheila Fxx

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