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Just Had my Debulking Surgery

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Well Hello...

This Tuesday had the debulking surgery per the Dr. went really well. Had a complete hysterectomy with omentum then also had my appendix and gallbladder removed because they could.

Waiting for labs, but what she thinks so far that it originated in my ovaries then went into my uterus then into my abdominal wall but no were else, so relieved.

So now am in recovery, what should I expect and start feeling kinda normal?

Right now the gas is my worst nightmare, then the occasional pain from the slit in my abdomen.

Thanks again for all of your love and support...


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Hi Shelley

I am very happy to hear that the surgery went well

As I haven’t had line yet I can’t say for sure about the gas and stuff

Just wanted you to know I am proud of you going through surgery like a trooper and keeping you in my prayers


Hi Shelley, delighted you have the surgery over with & that you are doing well. Take it easy for awhile & remember no lifting, ironing etc. the house will survive 😜 . I am sure you have been warned already !Rest as much as you can & walk a little further everyday, you will be sore for awhile but walking builds up the strength in your legs. I am sure you are feeling weak at the moment but you will get there, just be kind to yourself. If you are overwhelmed with friends & relations looking to come visit you don't be afraid to tell them when your not up to it they will understand. Take care & mind yourself Xx

Hi PCCDaisy, It's great you've had your surgery, I had mine in December and I'm sorry about your painful gas but that is a good sign, I had no gas for about 8 days. Ypu'll be good in no time. Take care. Sue xx

Hello there, well done having surgery. I had mine in February. If I could give you any advice it would be to take it easy and don’t do any lifting. Looking back I think I over did it a bit! However I did begin doing little walks after about 3 weeks and then increased when I was feeling stronger. I am sure this has helped my recovery. I am 69 and have always been a swimmer so I have really missed this, so walking seemed a good alternative. I have tried to eat healthily as well as having a bit of what I fancy. I have just completed 6 Rounds of Chemo. Anyway I think we have had similar surgery so be happy to talk to you whenever. Take care and look after yourself.

Big hugs

Margaret x

Well done, that’s the hardest bit done. Brilliant news that it doesn’t appear to have spread further, what a relief for you.

Gas is so common following our surgery, bowels don’t like being messed with and can get really lazy, wind is a sign they’re working again. Peppermint is great for helping settling things down.

Eat nutritious food, keep really well hydrated and take short walks, do not lift anything heavier than a brew for a bit while you heal. If you need a nap, have one, if people want to help with household chores let them and if they want to feed you, again, let them. Many people don’t know what to say to us following our diagnosis so some will not visit or keep in touch but in time life gets back to a new normality.

Take care, be kind to yourself and heal well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Well done, it'll all get easier over time. As for advice, not much to add except, if you've got stairs, walk up and down those at least a couple of times of a day, as slowly as you need to. I live up 3 flights of stairs and was worried about whether I could manage them after surgery; the surgeon, far from being concerned, was delighted and told me to go up and down those as soon as I got home at least once a day! Moving is good for you and your bowel, but lifting (including a full kettle) should be avoided, along with driving for a while.

As for wind/gas problems, I found sipping ginger ale helpful with that, rather than peppermint. Sleep whenever you need to as well, that helps recovery.


Had exact same operation 12 weeks ago! The gas pains are a killer but when they pass it gets so much easier ! Mine originated from the appendix then went to my ovaries!!! Hope

Your recovery goes well !

Take Care x

Great that it went do well. Hope you have a speedy recovery..



Hi Daisy, glad to hear your debulking surgery was completed. I had mine on June 22nd. Pretty similar. Full hysterectomy via abdominal incision. Omentum and appendix gone. However, my surgeon had to curve around the belly button and cut higher up. She had to scrape visible cancer cells from outside of my colon and on bladder. It was a six hour surgery. I was in hospital for six nights. That was pretty rough. I was so happy to go home. I was advised not to drive for a month, so I thought I could ride around if someone else drove. That was a mistake. No matter how great a car’s suspension is, your innards will be jiggled about. I only get in car to be driven to medical appointments. The big accomplishment is to have a poo. My doc sent me home with prescription stool softener which really helped. Be sure to drink plenty fluids. I sip throughout the day. At night I fix an insulated container with ice and Gatorade or cranberry grape juice and sip on that a bit when I wake up. The pain lessens each day. Now it is mostly discomfort. I wish you the best.


Delighted to hear your surgery went well! I’m sure it’s a great relief to have it over. I have had two major surgeries and HIPEC. I recovered quite quickly after i was discharged from hospital .I suppose fatigue was the main thing for a while. I spent about 2 weeks in hospital each time. Everyone is different though but it sounds like you came through the surgery really well.

I wish you all the very best, D

Sounds like my case but without the gas. I’ve never had surgery (8 hours) before of any kind. It took me a bit getting used to the feeling as if my chest felt tight and brick heavy. I couldn’t and didn’t want to get up only if I really needed to. But with about a month I started feeling more normal. Don’t have any tips about the gas but Im glad your surgery was. success. Get enough rest, eat healthy and stay hydrated (something I have to keep reminding my self). I wish you all the best in this new journey.

I had that operation in 2015 so I can’t remember much about it. You sound brave and strong. Rest lots and have lots of good TV to watch. I really love Anne with an E on Netflix. Lots of distraction works well for me at such times. You’ve been given great advice from everyone here. I agree with all of it. Be kind to yourself 🤗🤗🤗


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