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Debulking Surgery

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Hello Ladies - Well the debulking surgery went ahead this time and they remove all the usual - ovaries fallopian tubes omentum cervix womb and appendix, the surgeon said the op had gone well, and was pleased that my suspected liver was clear as were all my lymp nodes, he said that I was NED apart from microscopic spots which may be disease or might be scar tissue? I am home after 5 days and although still sore not feeling too bad, am able to walk and am later going to venture up the stairs. Hope you are feeling as well as can be expected. Hugs and Kisses Lyn xx

44 Replies
Nancy222 profile image

Good luck with your recovery. Sounds like you got pretty good news all around. XXOO

LittleSan profile image

Sounding good Lyn. Wishing you a smooth and full recovery. Be kind to yourself. Xx

BeeWild profile image

Take things easy and be gentle with yourself xx

So glad the op went well for you x

Alifit profile image

Great news, I’m so pleased for you!

One stair at a time!,

Best wishes, Ali x

Lyndy profile image

Take it nice and steady Lyn! xx

Coldethyl profile image

Best wishes for a good recovery - take it easy x

Tay100 profile image

Best wishes, rest, recover and be kind to yourself. Gentle hugs xx

Yoshbosh profile image

Hope the recovery continues to go well, Lyn. Take things easy and be kind to yourself - no heavy lifting! Vicki x

Manchesterlady profile image

Hi lyn , so pleased that your surgery went well , like the other ladies have said take it easy xxx

Katmal-UK profile image

Glad surgery went well x Just remember now to go steady, listen to yr body xx

Petrolhead profile image

Glad it has gone ok. Now is the time to seriously look after yourself.

Best wishes


Neona profile image

Well done!

Welcome home and take it nice and easy

dryden1 profile image

Great news that the op went well. Don,t be tempted to do too much too soon.Rest when necessary, eat well, a walk in the fresh air not a marathon, don,t be tempted to lift too soon. I think I did that which I am sure resulted in an incisions hernia. Chris

Lizz49 profile image

Great news Lyn and it sounds like the op went really well, now is the time to relax, heal, get waited on and re-charge your batteries. Crack open the box sets and get well soon!! Big hugs to you!!

Liz Xx 💖

Hi Lyn , So please to read your good news now look arfter yourself and get your strength back.. Take care Lorraine xx

gmc920 profile image

Hi Lyn, so happy that your surgery went really well! Best wishes for a continued smooth recovery, lots of rest, and some pampering at home 😊🌸

xx Gina

Seasun36-uk profile image

Hello Lyn,

I really hope everything went better than you expected (in the hospital) xxx

Well Done & ....small steps. Lx 🌸🌷🌷🌸🌻🌼🌼🌻

babyboy1 profile image

Great News!xxx😀🌻😀

Maus123 profile image

Good to hear you made it through surgery successfully, Lyn. Remember not to put much pressure on the scar. All the best with recovery. Xx. Maus

enzo14 profile image

wishing you a really speedy recovery x

Lou53 profile image

It must be a huge relief for you Lynn that the surgery is now behind you. All good wishes with your recovery.


in reply to Lou53

I am so glad its all over...…..never again! xx

Nstober profile image

Happy to hear it went well. Watch how much you lift so that you do not strain. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs from nancy

in reply to Nstober

I read about hernia risks - no way I am ever having another operation! not lifting anything heavier than my little cushion. Lyn xx

JayGeeCee profile image

Good news about your liver and lymph nodes, Lyn. Be a patient patient and give yourself time to heal.

Sending hugs

Joy x

in reply to JayGeeCee

Thanks Joy...…..I was relieved the spread wasn't as bad as the surgeon first suspected. xx

Cropcrop profile image

Excellent, that’s the hard bit done, now you just have to get better nice and slowly. Your surgeon sounds really positive so that’s really good news. Keep well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Hopefulgal1 profile image

Well done - it’s a mammoth step and I am amazed you are so bright (I was hopeless!!) I am so pleased that the outcome was good amd now you can rest and heal xxxx

in reply to Hopefulgal1

Some edible cooked food a nice long shower and a few home comforts have really lifted me. Hope your well. xxx

Hopefulgal1 profile image
Hopefulgal1 in reply to

Well done you! It’s amazing how much those things mean once you’re out of hospital.. and the peace of not having bleeps etc and hospital noises!! Rest well and no lifting heavy objects etc! Xxx

Solange profile image

Hope you soon feel good as new. Take things slowly and enjoy having an excuse to leave the hard housework! Onwards and upwards as we often say on this site. Best wishes, Solange xx😊xx

Bettyxxx profile image

Congratulations Lyn

You have done the hard work, i hope you are letting family and friends spoil you?

Funny story i was just getting up a few days after my op when i heard my back door open and a friend coming in she shouted ‘hi its only me’ and headed towards my bedroom. The next thing i heard was oh my god bl##dy hell! As she found my husband hoovering the stairs in just his pants 😂😂🙈

I saw it all unfolding i just couldnt move fast enough to stop it 🤣 anyway shes almost out of therapy, and i managed not to split my stitches laughing

Lots of love


KarenArcher profile image

Hi I had this done and am doing well it was four years almost xx

in reply to KarenArcher

Glad to hear you are doing so well 4 years on, long may it continue. Lyn xx

Lindaura profile image

So glad that you got your profile back and that you finally had your much needed surgery.

Nite chemo will clean up those sinister spots and rogue cells.

Let yourself relax and enjoy your convalescence.

You might not actually be stage 4, if there was no cancer inside any organs or lesions in your lungs.

I was first diagnosed as Stage 4, because of the pleural effusion, but downgraded to 3c immediately.that’s not to say I’m home free.

Just now coming to the reality that I will have to live with cancer.

No real escape, just remission.

Keep the faith,

Best wishes,


jenny8c profile image

WOW home within 5 days - that is pretty good going. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery then go and really enjoy yourself. I had a wonderful summer following my debulking - now the beast is back and things aren't so good so please pack as much into those NED months (hopefully years) as you can. xxxxx

in reply to jenny8c

Chin up Jenny - you got to NED once absolutely no reason you cant do it again!! Lyn xx

grammeejill profile image

Great news! I know you're glad it's over! Now just take care of yourself during recovery. Onward!

delia2 profile image

Yay. I'm glad it's over and went well. It will take 6 weeks to feel yourself again so take it easy. xoxo

Scummings1 profile image

My sister has primary peritoneal cancer and has to have 6 rounds of chemo before she can have debulking surgery. She had her 4 th round today. We are praying she has no problems with this round. She ended up in ICU after each of the first 3. Different complications from bleeding ulcers to dangerous dehydration. Sounds like your surgery went really well. Her CA125 after 3 chemos is 339. It was 9,000 when she first was diagnosed.

in reply to Scummings1

Here's hoping your sisters 4th cycle does not cause her problems. Wishing you both all the very best Lyn x

Jane420 profile image

Will you not have any more chemo ?

Yes I have two more cycles of taxo/carbo as mop up. It has been mentioned about adding Avastin but need to see oncologist to discuss.

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