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In remembrance of all us Teal sisters

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Just saw this today and brought it .. a beautiful Teal Sunflower wind chime in rememberance of those Sisters that have already flown and for the rest of us fighting on ... have a beautiful week .. hopefully some sunshine 😎😎😎😎xx

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Beautiful xxx

That's beautiful! xx

Stunning absolutely beautiful x

Nice one


Beautiful x

Beautiful what a good fined,and a lovely way to rememberx

It's beautiful. xx

Lovely delicate memorial. ❤️Xx Jane

That is lovely - where did you get it from? xxx

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SuziTench1 in reply to jenny8c

A little gift shop in Chorley ĺancashire

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jenny8c in reply to SuziTench1

Ah too far away from me - will keep a look out for something similar nearer to me as I would love to have one too. xxx

Beautiful! xx

That's a nice chime but most of all...I love the meaning you put in it! Every ding of the chimes will really mean something. I love it 💕💕💕

Awh the meaning behind this makes the chimes breathtaking!!! LOVE IT

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