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Pain in side where ovary was after ovary removal?

Hi all, has anyone experienced pain in the side where the ovary was after ovary removal? I came on my period a few days ago and today have had quite severe pain where the ovary was, my surgery was 3 weeks ago Tuesday, I am bleeding quite heavy for me too unsure if that's related though, can anyone relate and offer advice please? Should I go to the gp? There's a 2 hour wait at the surgery and my back doesn't hold out for long either at the mo so if it's normal to have pain I won't go. Thanks

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Dear Sabby,

A Laparatomy is not a walk in the park. Normal women need 4 weeks of rest to recover.

And you had a very large cyst removed, so your poor body had to make some big adjustments to compensate for all that havoc in your pelvis.

3 weeks is not really long enough for your recovery. You should be recuperating slowly for a least 4 weeks and been refraining from lifting anything heavier than a tea kettle.

This extra pain and bleeding could be suspicious. Can you call your GP receptionist and discuss an option to get you seen as an emergency?

Normally, I would suggest having them send out a District Nurse, but sometimes these nurses are pretty disappointing.

If you are verging on agony, and if your vaginal bleeding is truly excessive, maybe you should call 911?

If you go in to A&E by ambulance, you will be treated swiftly.

They can also give you IV Paracetamol, which should alleviate your pain.

I know I sound alarmist, but better safe than sorry.

Best wishes,



Thanks Laura I guess it's not like doubled over agony and the cocodamein is helping a bit, although bleeding is very heavy it probably doesn't warrant a and e, I'll definately ring the private consultant secretary first thing tomorrow morning though for advise if he doesn't see me as part of the package then atleast he can advise if I should go to the gp, I haven't lifted anything but I have been up with my daughter the past two nites so that probably hasn't helped, thanks for your help xx


Dear Sabby,

Any news?

Is everything all right post-op?

Thanks for letting me know,



Hi Laura yes all okay the consultant said it's normal to have pain there as the stitches dissolve, said the back pain is normal too, still early days, thanks x


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