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Another Birthday

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Good morning lovely ladies , today is my 63 rd birthday and I am so happy to have made it this far .I haven’t posted for a while but I have quietly been getting on with my second line ( Carbo/Caelyx) with mixed results and just before Christmas started on Niraparib .My lovely Hubby has taken me away for a couple of nights despite him having real flu ( yes I will give him that ) .This view is from my hotel window just now , how calming is that ?.Have the best day that you can all have , I will be heading down to the spa for relaxation ( probably on my own ) .Love to you all Julia xx

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Have a wonderful birthday. The view looks so tranquil. Enjoy 🥂🍾

Happy Birthday!! And there will be many more to come!xx😀🌻😀🌹

Happy birthday lovely, what a stunning view. I hope the niraparib does its job for you and that hubby recovers speedily. Enjoy your birthday and have a lovely break away in a lovely setting. Big birthday 🤗 ❤️Xx Jane

Happy Birthday 🥳

Beautiful view, I just love being by the coast, definitely restores my wellbeing. We’ve just had a few days in Dorset walking dog on the beach before my husband has a knee replacement. My turn to look after him 😱

Have a great day 💜

Love and best wishes Kim x

Have a lovely birthday and break xxxx

Many Many happy returns. That's a beautiful view, where is it? Enjoy your Spa and the rest of your day! xx

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Juleswhee in reply to Katmal-UK

Hi , It’s Christchurch Estuary with the view looking out to Mudeford .xx

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Katmal-UK in reply to Juleswhee

Beautiful, looks so peaceful.

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Elfed in reply to Juleswhee

Know it well, lovely part of the country.

How you doing on zejula, I’m hopefully starting that next week

A very happy birthday to you and here’s to plenty more of them 👍👍👍

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Juleswhee in reply to Elfed

Hi , It is beautiful isn’t it so peaceful at this time of the year .So have taken the Zejula for three weeks now , I take it just before bed , only problem with that is you should taken them with a whole glass of water so of course I am disturbed a couple of hours later wanting a wee, however no nausea or sickness at all.I have had a couple of headaches but I think that’s because I haven’t drunk enough water and you need to.Only other thing is the dreaded constipation which I thought I had left behind with Chemo , again probably my fault as I am still eating all the Christmas naughties and not enough fruit .I hope you do well on Zejula , best of luck .xxx

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Elfed in reply to Juleswhee

Constipation is a real pain, in more ways than one 😁. Pleased you’re coping with it well, long may it last. Hope I’m as lucky

We’re in fueturventura at the moment having a sneaky few days away before oncologist next Tuesday and hopefully start of tablets.

Do you live Christchurch way? We’re just south of chichester, but often go along near mudeford xx

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Juleswhee in reply to Elfed

Hi , I don’t live nearby sadly , I live in west London with very different views .Hope you are having a lovely time in fuerventura xx

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Elfed in reply to Juleswhee

Back to reality now, with hospital today and tomorrow 🤨.

I came from Kingston originally and my husband bedfont x

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Juleswhee in reply to Elfed

I know Bedfont , we are as far as Bedfont is from the Airport but on the Northside , Harlington .xx

Happy Birthday ;-) I also had mixed results on Carb/Caelyx and am now on 100mg Niraparib reduced down from the 300mg then again from 200mg. Best of luck with the new regime xx

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Juleswhee in reply to Nicky911

Currently on 200mg , so far so good .

Happy birthday Julia. Hope you have a lovely day. 🍾🎂🍫

Many happy returns, Jules! Fingers crossed for all your 2nd line treatments and the niraparib. Wishing you many more happy birthdays 🎂 🎈 🍰 xx

Happy Birthday, Julia! What a lovely view and a spa day sounds blissful! Enjoy! xx Gina

Happy Birthday! Enjoy :)

happy birthday and enjoy xxx

Looks wonderfully tranquil. Hope hubby picks up tomorrow. Happy birthday! 💐💖🎁. Xx

Happy 63rd Birthday Julia! 🎂🎉❤️ Looks like you are at a very relaxing place which always so nice. Enjoy yourself, and blessings to you for many more Happy Birthdays! Peggy xx

What a perfect way to spend your birthday, looks just beautiful

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! What a gorgeous view, so restoring. I hope your hubby feels better soon and you can celebrate together this evening.

Love Alex x

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your spa treatment. It’s so lovely to get away even for a few days. My brother lives in Southbourne so know the area well. 👏🏼

Cheryl. . X

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Juleswhee in reply to Cheryl4677

Yes it’s beautiful isn’t it , used to visit my great Aunt regularly , she lived in Southbourne .xx

Happy. Birthday and may you celebrate many more keep fighting

Grats Jules, and much luck for the rest of your second line chemo. Hope it kicks in again. Xx. Maus

Happy Birthday! Such a lovely calming photo too. Wishing you many more.

Michelle x

Happy Birthday - what a stunning view! Enjoy x x

Beautiful view and what a lovely place to spend your birthday - many more to you xxxx

Good Morning Julia - belated Happy Birthday may you have many many more. xxx

Belated Happy birthday. I joined the group a while ago but havn't posted yet. When I saw this photo I just had too. This is my favourite hotel in my favourite place. I have been going there for many years now. In fact I was there for my 65th in November. Relax and enjoy.

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Juleswhee in reply to seawalker

And your screen name reflects your love of the coast .Its a lovely hotel isn’t it luckily at this time of year you can get good deals so we always get the very best room , don’t think I would pay what they ask for it in summer !.I hope you are doing well on this journey we have all undertaken and remember when you feel ready to share your story or ask for help there will always be someone with a solution .Sending you the best of luck Julia xxx


Belated Birthday wishes, hope you had a lovely day. I too celebrated my birthday just before Christmas. I decided the year before each one would be celebrated from here on in. Funny how you don’t worry about the number that comes with the next one anymore, just the fact that you got there, in my case NED. Long may this celebration continue. Only 54 for me, praying for another NED year. Enjoy your celebrations 🎉🍾🥂🎂🎁 xx

Happy Birthday! I LOVE your view! I am right behind you...will be 62 this month. I had second chemo over the summer and now on Zejula. We have a few things in common.

Actually going to a Spa/hotel by the water in Old Saybrook, CT end of month.

Enjoy your Spa certainly deserve it!



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Juleswhee in reply to Mptelesca

Hi , Thanks for bday wishes , where is old saybrook ? Xx

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Mptelesca in reply to Juleswhee

Old Saybrook is exit 66 off 95. It's right on the water. Katherine Hepburn's house is there! Close to Mohegan Sun and the Clinton Outlets. There are a couple of vineyards there...Chamards in Clinton is really worth going to. 19 wineries in CT. It's fun making the tour.

Happy birthday glad you enjoyed break just enjoy and look forward to the next one x

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