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Just a little photo of our first born, my hair growth and the scarf.

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Hi girls,

I hope you are all feeling as well as you can today.

I don't do photos of me much but today I donned the lippy , brushed my hair :-) and stuck some earrings on for a nice lunch out with our boy. Haven't seen him for three whole years because of his work so it is lovely having him here for a week. Done the tears, the scans, the big talk etc etc and now putting that all aside for some good time together. He's a bit of a strange lad, like his ma, but wanted me to knit him a multicoloured scarf that wasn't the norm. I completed it just before the plane landed last week and he loves it - thank goodness. He even loves the dangly bits. If anyone sees him walking around Bristol wearing the scarf, don't be afraid, just approach him and tell him who you are and he'll know.

As for my hair - well, there's more grey than there was before and it looks as if a bird has whoopsied right on the front middle bit. Gone are my auburn locks and in comes black hair. What's that all about then? Oh yes, the hunk on the right is all mine. Lots of love to everyone xxxxxx

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Lovely photo Kryssy! Same with me - gone are my auburn locks, now it's grey or black?! Enjoy the time with your son. Lxx

Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Loving the scarf I’d happily wear it xxx

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Lovely 💕

Hi Kryssy, From on red head to an other ,so glad you have a beautiful.day.

A really lovely photo of you and your boys.

Like you my hair grow back with no colour now curly and grey , I'm a bit vain about the colour when I'm use to it I'll post a new photo but at the moment I miss looking like me.

Take care Lorraine xx

Lovely photo Kryssy! Enjoy your week with your son 💐Jenny x


Have a fabulous week with your son. You look great. I know what it's like not to have family around the corner my son lives in Israel and my daughter in Western Australia they do their best to visit when they can.

Onwards and upwards for us all.

Love Maureen xx

No missions planned I’m guessing Agent Rainbow? Three years sounds a long time but doesn’t it go quickly. Enjoy your time together and your new hairdo. Are you staying with the colour or choosing a new one?

Much love

LA xx

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Kryssy in reply to Lily-Anne

Hi LA. No missions at the moment. All quiet on the western front. Thank goodness. I've not coloured my hair before - well, I did once when I was about 30 and it was a complete disaster - so I'll just wait to see what I've been given. I am keeping everything crossed that there's some body and curls in it. Hubby reckons it's thicker but how do you tell when it is only 2cms long. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and a bit is sticking up!!! I like the fact that there's nothing to do with it every day though. I'll miss that.

I hope you are feeling ok too. What is the next plan of action?

Love and big hugs xxxxx

Great photo Kryssy, enjoy yr week! xx

Hi Kryssy. What a beautiful family you have! So happy you shared a photo, enjoy time with your son lots of love to you xx

Great photo and the scarf looks superb. You must be an accomplished knitter, it looks v complicated. Hope you had great lunch. You both must be really happy having your son with you.

Your hair looks great too. The pixie look, Very French looking.


Love it! Enjoy yourselves.Your hair is great,mine too came back a little whiter,but it’s hair and it’s ours! X

Lovely family photo and you look gorgeous. Hard to comprehend all you've been through seeing your serene face. Enjoy your time together.x

Lovely photograph, you must be thrilled to see you son, it is hard when they work away but all the more joyous when they visit.

What a stunning photo , scarf , son and hubby ....you look great so enjoy every glorious minute together . My hair was auburn , now curly and grey , just re invent yourself ! The only way is , forward ....xxx

Hi Kryssy,

You all look fab! A very handsome family! I do like the scarf too - can you let me know if you used a pattern or if you made it up - I’ve nearly finished my crochet blanket (not a moment too soon x it’s getting hotter and hotter underneath it!) so will need a new project soon.

Glad you had a good time with your boy, love Ali x

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Kryssy in reply to Alifit

Hi Ali,

Thank you for the praise but my knitting leaves a lot to be desired. For some inexplicable reason the patter changed from right side to wrong side a third of the way through. But, if Matt moves about a bit then it doesn't show. He wanted a pocket to keep his hat and gloves in when he takes his scarf off. Handy. I have the pattern. It's from a vogue book and if you PM your email to me I will send it. It will come in photos as the pattern is scanned but it prints out ok. I just used odd bits of wool so the colours don't run the same. I would say it's easy to knit for someone who knows what they are doing. I struggled but I always like a challenge. You can see what it is supposed to look like here - ravelry.com/patterns/librar... - There are 500 stitches on the needle as it's knitted sideways but I always use round needles so it wasn't a problem but if you only like straight needles then you may struggle. My boys bought me the range of Knit Pro interchangeable needles for my birthday so I should be able to knit better now...... :-)

I'm knitting toys now for a craft exhibition later in the year. Ho hum x

Right then, on with the day..... xxxxxx

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Alifit in reply to Kryssy

Thanks Kryssy - I have the same needles - I used them to knit three Shetland lace shawls for my children. They involve 960 stitches in one ply wool - I’m not sorry I don’t have to that again! I’ll PM you if you don’t mind, then I’ll have another project to do. Another of my theories - I can’t be ill or worse if I’ve got projects to finish and holidays to go on so I’ve always got something on the go!

Ali x

Lovely photo, I guess the hair return is a bit of a lucky dip! We take what we are given😀

Fabulous! You look great, so does the scarf and the hunks (I see two in that picture). 😊 xxx

Good to see this photo Kryssy. Enjoy your time together. Fancy scarf! I’m crocheting a blanket for my younger son but it feels as tho it will not get done for a long time yet... seeing as I’m not doing any work on it.

Xx Netti

Hey Kryssy, great scarf. As a non-knitter I’m very impressed! Looks complicated. And what a lovely photo of the three of you. So pleased for you that you’ve had a happy time with your son after a tough few months. Enjoy the next few days too. Love Jo 🌸🌼🌺🌻🌹

Lovely photo xx

You look great . Enjoy your special timè together with your son. I am going to visit my family in a weeks time in cape town. I have not been back for 3 years so i know what it like.

Ps The scarf looks beautiful and you still have that lovely smile. Enjoy.😀😀😀

Hi, Kryssy, that was a very uplifting post and a great photo. I live in Bath, which is close to Bristol, and I have memorised the look of the scarf, so in case your son comes to Bath after I recuperate, I can recognise him and say hi!

Best wishes,


What a great post Kryssy! Enjoy your time with your boy. My daughter is moving to Bristol next month so I'll be on the look out when I'm there!

Sandra xx

What a beautiful photo Krissy, enjoy ever moment with your son, love the hair 💐💐💐

Loren x

Love your photo. X

Thank you all so much. Sometimes it's nice to post something that's about something other than the C word. We still have our lives don't we? Normal service will be resumed on Thursday....... xxxx

Lovely photo and scarf. Your looking very well kryssy whatever your doing keep it up.

Hope you all have a lovely day, loving the scarf. Love Bridiexx

What a lovely photo Kyssy. You've got some good lookers in your life, you included.

Wish you all the best. Hugs, Zena xx

Love the hunk and the strange lad as you name them but to me, looks like a lovely family and so nice to have a whole week together to enjoy eachcother. You made quite the scarf and I love it! Wish I loved closer so I could find your son and let him know I know about him through you! You are looking good Kryssy--all the best, ox Judy

Lovely photo Kryssy.... Enjoy your time with your fist born xx 💜💜

Kryssy you look so happy to be with your two handsome hunks! The scarf is something my bits would like too and your hair will grow thicker and curlier just like mine did! Actually hardly anybody recognises me and my new head of curls so take it all as a blessing!

Hope you enjoy your special family time and always look forward to life in general! Xxx


PS.....I meant your boys not bits!! Hahaha. Xxx

I would so love some curls MaryAnne. Everything crossed for them. Had a lovely day outside in the sunshine doing some clearing and burning. I'm cream crackered now and have snuck in on the pretext of cooking dinner but it did me good to be in the garden again. Haven't touched it since last summer and everything is reverting back to nature so quickly. Visited our dear Alfie by his grave and there are some primulas in flower around him. Miss him so much. Must not dwell though. Lots of Snowflakes blooming and daffs on the way. Hellebores here and there - I don't seem to be able to grow them well here whereas other people say they are sick of them seeding everywhere. Dare we dream it's nearly Spring? Much love to everyone. xxxxx

You write so beautifully Kryss...very glad you can tackle the garden again...fresh air and getting the feeling of earth between our fingers is something so very uplifting! The hope of the coming of Spring is a must for us all!


Kryssy you look beautiful, I am happy to hearyou have had some quality with your son. It’s not easy when they live far away.

Hugs Ellsey xx

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Kryssy in reply to ellseybellsey

Thank you Ellsey. It's not so much the distance it's more his job as manager of a hotel. He hasn't had a day off in 15 months!! The joys of power ay.... One and a half days and he's away again but we hope to catch up again some time this year. At least we get mate's rates at the hotel. Fingers crossed for a good result on my next scan in April. At the moment the thought of the beast growing instead of shrinking is far from my thoughts but I suppose as April gets nearer it will surface in the wee dark hours of the night.

Take care everyone. The men are in looking for food so I had better away..... xxxxxx

lovely photo....so glad you are feeling better and looking so well!

Lovely photo Krissy, I have a son aged 29 and a bit of a sensitive soul too, don’t know how I would cope without seeing him for 3 years, so cherish every moment.

You all look lovely, my hair grew back white blonde and straight, not at all like it was, so, I go with the flow and have a spiked pixie cut, the hair is young, but the face is aged, Lol!

Love the scarf, enjoy your time and love your new you😀👍xx

Your family looks wonderful, my hair grew back a graphite color. I dye it now. I think the chemo just kills the color. I'm happy you had a great day. Liz

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Kryssy in reply to Lizchips

Hi Liz,

Graphite!!?? Isn't that just a nothing colour? I think you are right though. It doesn't look like anything on my colour wheel. Still, it 's getting thicker I think, as today it's quite windy, I could feel it ruffling a bit in the wind. xxx

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Lizchips in reply to Kryssy

Nice, mine was slow growing for about a year then started growing faster. Think the chemo stayed in my system a while. Many prayers for you.xxx Liz

Hi Kryssy.....Beautiful scarf and family! So glad you're getting to enjoy some time with your son. Best wishes to all of you......Judyved

Great photo, your hair looks very similar to mine at the moment! Hope you have a wonderful time with your son.

Paula xxxx

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