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Recurrence of LGSC


Hi I’m new here was diagnosed with low grade serous carcinoma stage 4b in 2017 got operated lot was taken out hysterectomy spleen GB intestine and colon resection bladder too resection omentum caking diaphragm lining lot more my surgery was fantastic after that I was on letrozole for three months but I had recurrence so went on chemo six sessions of carbo/taxol but disease was stable now after the break of three months scan shows progression in disease yesterday the doctor said with such massive surgery and chemo the chances of disease coming back r long term but in my case it’s too quick she wasn’t even sure about wether next chemo line will work for me or not me too don’t wanna hv it if it’s not gonna decrease the disease so anyone having same experience like mine then what was the next thing to do anyone gone for alternative medication

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Hi I am afraid I don’t have practical advice but want to give you support after a frightening conversation with your surgeon. I know from this site there are many drugs left to try. I don’t know where you are located but have you sought a second opinion from a top consultant and looked into clinical trials? I wish you the best!xoxo

Hi there. Have you considered getting a second opinion first from one of the big cancer centers in the UK, from a radical gyn surgeon (there is one in London.. maybe she would operate?), and/or from a low grade OC expert like MD Anderson in Dallas, Texas?

Hopefully there are more treatment option out there for you, even without having to fall back on alternative medicine. Avastin, other chemo drugs (can always try, even if low grade is often said to be somewhat chemo resistant) etc?

I share your fears of running out of treatment options for LGSC... but hopefully that is not the case at this point. All the best. Maus

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