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Endometrial Ablation Caused Issues?


Two years ago I had a ablation done due to horrendous periods ,it worked not one period since.Now though I'm thinking in light of recent problems if this procedures caused the abnormalities. I've been digging round on the internet and it seams that ablations can cause serious problems long term,more worrying is the fact samples can't be taken due to scare tissue of the lineing to decipher if theyres cancer...if I'd known all this I'd never of had the ablation I'd have insisted on a hysterectomy... I know I'm over thinking stuff,pondering but you do don't you.Roll on Tuesday when I see the gynea its been a long two weeks.

Anyone else here had endometrial ablation.

I'm starting to think I bet the ablations at the root of my Paine's,swelling ,bowel stuff but why then would the ca125 be raised.

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It would be good to say this to them at your appointment Polly...they don’t always have your full history or maybe they don’t get time to read it! xx

I don't have any knowledge but hope you find a way foward at your appointment.

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