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post menopausal elevated ca125

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my ca125 results were originally 121. following removal of my fallopian tubes and ovaries it then rose to 173. it is now 5 months since my operation and my results are 145. cysts were discovered on my ovaries at the time of my operation. I am now awaiting another MRI scan. i am curious to know why my levels are still high. the operation solved my very bloated stomach and the pain that would wake me from sleep but I am starting to have niggling pains on the left hand side again

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Hiya. My CA125 has never been back in normal range since diagnosis (it hovers around 100), even when there is no sign of the disease to be found on scan images, and I'm free of symptoms. However, a sharp ca125 rise seems to indicate disease progression for me.

I would say follow your oncologist's advice. Keep monitoring your body via scans and let him/her know of your symptoms. Then, you can make a decision when/whether to start treatment.

Hope the niggles are harmless, but better to check it out. All the best. Maus

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Thank you for your message Maus. I currently do not have a diagnosis and that is the worst part as I feel like a fraud, even though I know I don't feel quite right

kind regards


Did you get the histology report after? This should give the information for a diagnosis.

I certainly think you should press for this information rather than being in limbo. Are you in the U.K. or elsewhere?

Although scans can give an indication it is really only the histology report that confirm yay or nay to it being something to be actioned or not.

I would certainly ask for a lot more information.

Regards Fay

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Thank you Petrolhead. I do live in the UK. no-one has mentioned the histology report. I will certainly ask about this

kind regards

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My hospital now has a “get copies of reports department “ but before this I either asked my CNS which you wouldn’t have or better still rang the consultants secretary. Sometimes you have to be assertive on this front.

Best of luck


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Thank you. assertiveness was never my strong point but not knowing is hard too

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