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What a rubbish way to spend a birthday

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Good evening mes amies. This is just a quickie as I was naughty last night. I had my Doc Martin at 9pm but was awake by 1am. I rummaged around in my drawers and took one of my own sleeping pills - a whole one - because I didn't want a night of insomnia. I've been like a zombie all day and serve me right. It's only 8.30 pm now and I'm bushed so will hopefully send the last episode of Holby Shitty tomorrow whilst having my toxic waste pumped in. Yes, I can have my Happy Tree chemo tomorrow.

So, here's poor long suffering hubby on his 76th birthday having to entertain the insane and infirm. He did share his flan with the nurses though, as a thank you for putting up with me. I had the teeniest spoon of the filling. Yum. Background is my private sitting room/kitchen diner - although it's not all mine really. It's just it's attached to my room and anyone can use it - BUT THEY CAN'T!!!!

Until tomorrow then. Goodnight dear sisters. xxxxxx

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Happy Birthday 🎁 🍰 🎂 to the (soon to be ex?) Hubby! Lots of love from us here xxxxx

This is very sweet. Nice of you to share it.

Don't tell me he had to cook the flan himself also?

Happy birthday to him, its my birthday today also, birthday buddy x

Happy birthday to the long suffering husband but he is looking good on it. My goodness your own kitchenette cum sitting room, no wonder my brother raves about the French Health Service

Happy Birthday to your hubby! The flan looks yummy 😊 Best wishes that all goes well with your chemo and that you escape in plenty of time for your trip!

xx Gina

Happy Birthday to your hubby. Love and best wishes to you-hope all goes well with your chemo. Keep us all up to date x

Happy Birthday long suffering husband,you like my own, deserve a medal the size of a bin lid!!!!! 😘

Happy Birthday to your bloke - looks like a good flan too!

I hope all goes well tomorrow, looking forwards to more of your news.

Lots of love SS, Ali x

Happy Birthday to that man and if he’s baked his own flan then think the divorce should be put on hold, it look yummy!

Loving the sitting room and I think all NHS beds should have one attached too! Lucky you to have it all to yourself (do you growl to keep anyone else out or just sit talking to those fairies lol?)

Glad your getting your elixir tomorrow and will you escape for your flight??

Can’t wait for the next instalment xx

Much love Bev xx

Happy birthday to one very lucky man! Still smiling despite the unwelcome visitors! 🌹

Hope you had a proper night’s sleep and feel ready for the toxic infusion. Your hubby looks a lovely kind man and like all our closest supporters deserves a huge medal and a collective hug from us all. Have been trying to conjure up an elegant/witty French sentence but my schoolgirl French is far too rusty these days...... Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Happy birthday Kryssy! Let’s hope the coming year will see you avoid too much Holby action! xx

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your Dearly Beloved. What a smiley face. Hope you're soon home with him again, Kryssy. Love to you both, S 😊

Aw happy birthday to your lovely hubby, I hope his flan was nice, the French certainly know how to make delicious pastries 😋.

It’s great you can have your toxicity topped up 🤞🏻 It gets the little b#@*ards this time.

Looking forward to the next instalment of rocky and the great escape and your trip back to the motherland.

Be well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Happy Birthday to Hubby. I see a smile on his face so that's good! And flan as a cake? Can I tell you when my birthday is? LOVE flan. I get a frozen yogurt cake thinking that was the best kind but now you have me questioning my choices! Can't wait for your next post.


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Kryssy in reply to Maxjor

These custardy flans are very common here. We get plain or lemon or sometimes with raisins or prunes in. We get a huge great thing to feed a thousand people for about 4 euros. The French are quite big on flan things and also make the most divine egg custards. Some they call Creme Anglais, but it's just cold thin custard which they think the Brits like. I would send you a flan but can you imagine the state of it by the time it had travelled a few thousand miles. The sniffer dogs would have it anyway. Lots of love xxxxxxx

And I thought he'd baked it himself!

You're avin a larf....... :-) xx

Yum, Kryssy. Happy Birthday to him . Your husband looks quite determined and energetic, and a bit like an explorer... plus armed with a butter knife. Hm.. I don't know... maybe keep him away from your midsection/bowels, to be on the safe side? ;)

Hope you managed to get some sleep. Sweet dreams and good luck with the chemo again. Hugs. Maus.

Bonne anniversaire, mari de Kryssy! Good you got a spoonful of yummy filling.

Hope happy tree goes in smoothly and you’re out of there soon!! Xxx

Happy Birthday Kryssy!

Celebrate on a day soon when you feel up to it. Flan looks good yummy

Lizziebee 💌

The flan looks delicious and glad you had a little taste😋xx

Your hubby looks happy enough to be celebrating his 76th birthday in a hospital environment, but the flan looks very yummy, and I suspect it didn't take too long for it to be devoured! Your great sense of humour seems to be helping all of us who read your posts reguarly! Pls get out of there asap. Xxxxx


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