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Hi,I m having a Picc line fitted next week.Didn t have one last time,but my poor old veins have given up before we start.How do they do it?Where does it go and can it be used to draw blood or only for 'inward bound'?

Got a muga scan tomorrow to check my heart is able to cope with the Caelyx.But it's the Picc I know nothing about. Any advice would be greatly received. Thankyou ladies. Sharon x

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  • Hi. The picc can be used to put in and take out, so for treatment and blood tests.

    It goes into a vein on the inside of your upper arm, across to your chest and into your heart. There is a bit of neck moving as they attempt to get the "wire" it's not actually a wire! across into your chest, and not up into your neck, and that's it!

    The procedure is fine, although I found the injection of local that they put in your arm initially a bit of a shock.


  • Thanks Jenny,didn t have one last time,but veins have had enough before we start!

  • Ask for a port a cath. There is no pain and installation is quick with fast acting general anesthesia. The port makes it much easier for chemo infusion and you to keep on with your life. You can swim, bath, shower and live your life without worry. I've had mine for almost two years and I forget it's there.

  • Thankyou,I m seeing consultant Tuesday will have a chat then! X

  • Hi Sharon

    Pop along to Alisonwright' s post 4 days ago. A wealth of information on this very subject. Good luck and you'll love the port in the. xx

  • Morning Kryssy,just had a look,seems a port is the way to go.I haven t been offered this at all and requested a Picc as my veins are rubbish.Had a MUGA scan on my heart on Friday,took 5 attempts to get the dye in,poor guy doing it had to call someone else down.He did say Are they putting in a Picc my love,it would be so much easier for you? 3 apts. came yesterday 19th Sept for Clinic,20th for Picc and 21st for chemo.I will discuss the options on Tuesday and see what options I have.Thanks Kryssy,had a 'shitty'few weeks to say the least.Need to crack on with this!

    How did your shopping trip go?

    Sharon xxxx

  • Hi Sharon. See if you have the courage to insist on a port and cath. Nothing goes into your heart, that would be dangerous. It stops just before it and is very thin so don't worry that your blood supply changes. There's plenty of room in the vein. It's standard here but I think you have to wait until your veins are shot before you get one in UK. Or beg. I was in hospital for a week after chemo with neuropathy and within seconds my port was receiving four lots of drips all through one line into the port. Felt nothing, no bruises and was oblivious to it. Could even sleep on that side so long as I made sure I didn't squash the line with my shoulder. Before chemo I have an emla patch which contains local anaesthetic but I don't need it. Just hold my breath so my chest doesn't drop and the needle is in and the same again when it comes out. Nothing like an injection. Put your foot down darling. You could use France as an example but that may not go down very well.

    Can't take blood from the port though. Let us know how you get on xxx

  • PS. shopping was good but just resting today with room service. Xx

  • Thanks Kryssy,I think you just answered my question for Tuesday,that's maybe why the Picc has been suggested,taking blood has been an issue too,they took from between my knuckles last time and my wrists before that.I m not wuss but it is painful.They can drawer blood from a Picc but not from a Port. Room service,bring it on!

    We re off out for Sunday lunch with the family today.Still have no kitchen,but the fitter is working today to get it done.Only been here since July,we love it but plenty still to do.Thanks Kryssy. Sharon x

  • You are welcome Sharon. Best have the PICC if you have a problem with blood taking. It's always hard to find my veins but not so bad that I can't take it. I'm a tough old bird.

    Enjoy your lunch out. When we moved to france I waited 6 years for a kitchen. Finally got it for my 60th birthday and wondered why it had to go in so early beforehand. When hubby and I got back from my birthday day out, all our family and friends from UK and here were waiting for me with the table groaning with food and booze. They had all flown in during the morning, entrenched themselves in our house (used all the hot water on showers!) and other friends and B & Bs and had a wonderful day together. I was enjoying myself but wished I had been brought home earlier. They all stayed a few days and then life went back to normal - and I had my kitchen still intact. What a fabulous surprise I had thanks to hubby and our sons. Next year is my 70th so I hope something similar happens!! I may even get my art studio which has been promised me for years. Ever hopeful.......:-)

    Hugs xxxx

  • Hi Kryssy, how lovely was that!70 next year!!!! Hell girl you look amazing.

    We tried to move 2 years ago,was diagnosed.Treatment started,took the house off the market.Picked it up again this year,found this lovely little bungalow (downsized).Just the two of us now,and the dog of course.In here a week and found out the cancer is back.So have been doing it up since,kitchen is the biggest job,but hopefully it ll be done before treatment starts 21st Sept.My hubby Pete is keen to get it finished.xxx

  • It's a good photo and in black and white which is good for hiding the wrinkles. In the flesh I'm not in that good nick. My hair was my best feature as I had so little grey which fooled people into thinking I was younger but had had a rebel life. Well, I did grow up in London in the 60s so can't remember a lot of it...... :-) Not 69 until December but will still be 70 next year. I intend to get there too.

    The very best of karma, good wishes and love to you for your second battle in this bloody war. You'll be cooking in your new kitchen for many years to come.

    Love and hugs

    Kryssy xxx

  • Kryssy, been as grey as a badger since my 30s.Used to colour,perm,straighten it,grew back last time a little whiter, but it was mine.Didn t like the wig,so bought lots of different headwear instead.Found a company called Suburban Turban( awful name) but a good website.Now it has grown back it has the texture of a Brillo pad! Told I won t lose it this time may just thin a bit.Yours will come back too,surprisingly quickly too!Good luck with your treatment and be kind to yourself. XXX

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