Gem/carbo 2nd line

Hi everyone, had first of gem/carbo for my 2nd line chemo last Tues, side effects not as bad as carbo/taxol that I had,mainly nausea but the fatigue is something else, slept 8 hrs last night (which is amazing for me) but got up andfeel like I hhave had no rest at all. Have others felt similar on this regime, does it get better? Feeling very low and tearful today x

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  • Hi Sally

    Glad you got through it. I haven't had that regime so I will let others comment on it. Remember that fatigue tho...tuck yourself up in the duvet and wait it out was my solution xx L

  • Hi there. I had this combination as 2nd line with Avastin added in too. To be honest, I think the side effects from Avastin were worse than the chemo itself. Could the fatigue be as a result of the fact that you were in need of more treatment? Hopefully as it starts to do the magic, you will start to feel much better soon. Until then, though, be kind to yourself and rest as you need to, and chances are you will find that it's very do-able. Sending positive thoughts and wishing you well. Ali xx

  • I had avastin with front line, that was quite hard on joints but fatigue was not too bad, I'm stage 4 inoperable and it's now in my liver,so maybe it's just a sign of things to come, although hopefully it will pass. Daughter just turned up with a new book for me,that will take my mind off it. Thanks for replying x

  • Hi. To be honest I found the regime of gem/carbo very fatiguing and the feeling of being low and tearful I well remember so I think its the chemo rather than anything else. It doesnt last though x Be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can. Sending you a big hug, Kathy xx

  • The Gem is tiring. I have had it twice and it has done wonders for me. I had gem and carbo first. I did have a little nausea but had maxolon for that, But at the time, my son and daughter in law were in trouble loosing their babies so I think in the end I had much more to worry about. The second regime of Gem Avastin wiped me, I was tired but I allowed myself rest, no dramas going on at that time. Rest when you need to and the house will manage, best wishes

  • I didn't find gem carbo generally bad at all compared with my previous three chemo combos.

    But it certainly has an impact on blood counts and this can make you tired. I used G-CSF injections at intervals for the white cells but had to have a couple of transfusions too.

    It's early days. Hoping you get used to it. xxx

  • I had gem/carbo for reccurrance finished chemo november i found gem dose easy going bit tired but it does kick ur white cells.. i had reaction with carbo thou on last 3 cycles.. but i tolerated them both bloods were good all way through.. did'nt lose my hair actually went thicker... all the best just rest when you need too xxx

  • Also not for everybody but i drank coconut water small glass in morning and one at night my chemo nurse said helps with bloods as got potassium in it not a nice taste but i found it helped me xx

  • Thank you for your reply, I've never tried coconut water before butwwill certainly give it a go x

  • I had gem/carbon/avastin for second line and the effects were not as bad as carbon/taxol but I did get very low moods at times and I have read somewhere that the gemcitabine can do that. On the plus side it kept me clear and active for nearly two years before I needed further treatment, and I was stage 3/4 at diagnosis.

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