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Hi ladies I’m currently on 2nd full cycle of treatment & recently had a scan & will be discussing with oncologist what it showed next Tuesday, having already had one reoccurrence I am petrified that the scan will show either no improvement or worse. Up to the time of scan I was really positive but since Scan I just can’t get it out of my head and get waves of panic that it isn’t going to be good news. I keep thinking no point worrying yet just wait to see what she says but it doesn’t help! Am I alone is this normal how do you all cope ? I don’t tell anyone how scared I am because I don’t want to worry them? Am I nuts?

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Hey there you are not alone in feeling like this, it's a roller coaster of emotions especially with the not knowing, everything is built around the scan results so the anxiety is heightened when awaiting for that review, I use the term scanxiety at these times. Do talk to your nearest and dearest if you can, I think it helps to share how your feeling and they are probably feeling anxious also so good to share.

I hope the scan results are positive for you, big hugs xx

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Thank you

Hi Scotty

You are certainly not nuts! Even 11 years down the line I still get the waves of panic when I am waiting for scan results and when I am actually in the oncologists office waiting for him to come in I'm terrible - it's a wonder my husband's head is actually still on his shoulders. It's sooooo hard not to worry - I tell people not to because it doesn't change anything - but still can't stop myself panicking from time to time. xx Hope you are ok xx Kathy xx

I am just the same as you so we must be nuts together!! I have a friend who had breast cancer and has little cause to worry about her scans but she is just the same and gets into a terrible state waiting for results. I haven't found how to successfully manage the anxiety yet so will be reading your replies with interest. Hope the result is good X

Thank you for responding it does make me feel better to know my feelings are totally normal, wish you all the best with your individual treatments 😘😘

No, it's quite alright to be a nervous wreck around scan time. Happens to me every time. Good luck with the results. Maus

I went through a stage of very bad anxiety a little while ago. Tried antidepressants but they made it worse. Then my GP suggested I try self hypnosis-she brought up a Youtube exercise and played it there and then (yes, I have an amazing GP!) and it helped. I continued to use it as well as Headspace and I now have the anxiety under control.

The exercise is 'Hypnosis for anxiety' by Matthew Ferguson. It's a 12min exercise, definitely worth a try.

Good luck with the results. I'm waiting for scan results myself. I was diagnosed with my first recurrence last September but have managed to avoid more treatment so far!

Love and hugs

Lou xxxxxxx

I recently went through this waiting for a scan and blood results. A friend, who is a breast cancer survivor, affirms that "all is well no matter what." "I can and will handle it no matter what." I like the "no matter what" part because I think it is empowering to remind ourselves that we are strong, resilient, and matter what. All of us on this board are! Wishing you the best, no matter what!

Hi Scotty

I have lost count of how many times I have been anxiously waiting for scan and blood results and it doesn’t get any easier. I was diagnosed in 2011 with one recurrence in 2015. I will be getting the results of my latest scan next Wed and the last two and a half weeks have gone by really slowly. I have just completed treatment for unrelated Breast Cancer and I’m now back to worrying about my PPC ! I’m hoping the extra aches and pains are the side effects of my hormone blocker Arimidex

I think we all react the same and try to keep the worries from loved ones. I’m not sure I succeeded this time. I am trying to keep myself busy and think positively . Let us know how it goes on Tuesday and I will post on Wed. Take care and good luck



Just about the worst thing, for me. Once you know the worst, or better still, just occasionally, the better, you can get on with it, but until are defo not alone!

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