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Dear Friends I am very sorry to tell you that Angela passed away in her sleep last night. We will all miss her calm and supportive manner. She became a real friend to me albeit virtually and I will miss her dreadfully. I have told her husband that she was very well thought of on here and he says that Angela found the interactions with the ladies on Ovacome to be a source of comfort to her too.

God Bless you Angela. Rest in peace


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my deepest condolences to her family and friends, she will be greatly missed x

So sorry to hear this, she was very active on here. Thankyou for letting us know Maria. My condolences go to her family. Fly high Angela. x

I am so sorry to read this. Angela was just lovely. Sending love to her family xxxxxxxxxxxx

So very sad to read this - love to her family and to you x

Thank you for letting us know. Angela was highly thought of here and will be missed. Condolences to Angela’s family. Rest peacefully Angela xx

So very sorry to hear this. I found her an inspiration on here. My sincere condolences to you and to her family xxx

This is crushing news. What a bright star. My sincere condolences to her loved ones. Sashay

So sorry to hear about Angela. My condolences to her family and friends. Fly high teal angel 🦋🦋 x

Just read this…. I am very sorry for her family and want to send my condolences. In a way I feel that she has dodged OC and taken her own way…too soon undoubtedly but it feels as if she had a small win over this disease in the end. I will miss her ❤️

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JustKBO in reply to Lyndy

Good to hear from you Lyndy I was wondering where you were!

Just so upsetting to read this!! love and hugs to her family. Xxxxx

Very Sorry to hear this I was wondering today how she was as I have followed her posts.

So sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to all her family and friends. RIP Angela xx

So so sorry to hear this. Angela was always so helpful to us all. I just wish we could find a way to overcome this disease. Condolences and prayers to her family. xx

So sad to hear that. May she fly high ❤️❤️

Such very sad news. Rest in eternal peace lovely lady. xx

So sad to hear the news l only wrote a message to her today, we should have met up at Christie's just over 2 weeks ago. Poor Angela you managed to get on your mini cruise god bless you brave girl ,feel so sad that we didn't meet.Sending condolences to her husband and family

Thank you for letting us know this very sad news.

SheilaF x

Oh no, I’m so sorry to read this. I had been thinking about her recently and hadn’t seen her posts. I and many others will miss her chat and positive support. Thinking of her and her family and friends. Bloody disease.

So very sad to hear this .Rest in peace Angela 🌹

Heartbroken to hear this news💔, only a few weeks ago she was still clinging to the hope there was some treatment left to give her more time & she always seemed to find the strength to carry on. Angela will be really missed by us all on here who chatted to her from time to time. Deepest Sympathies to her husband & family thinking of them all at this sad time. R. I. P X 🌹

Deepest sympathy to Angela's family, such sad news. Thank you for letting us know 🌹x

Sending condolences to her family and friends, so sorry to hear this horrible news xx

So sad. She was sounding so hopeful just a month ago. Sincere condolences to her family and friends. 🦋 xCheryl.

So sorry to hear this.RIP Angela x

So sorry to hear this news condolences to her family and friends 🦋x Lesley

I am so very, very sorry to hear this news. There was a mainstay group of ladies on here when I first joined, and Angela was one of the very few of them remaining. I will miss her interactions with everyone. Rest well Angela. 💙💙

That is such sad news. It is hard to belief as she was posting on here very recently. My sincere condolences to her family . I hate this disease .Thank you for letting us know . D

I am very sad to hear this, may she rest in peace. She was a very strong lady and fought to the end. Sympathies to her loved ones. Jas x

RIP Angela. I never met you in person but you really came across as a lovely person! You will be very missed. Xx

I'm really sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to her family. Missing her already. Sue xx

Terrible news 😞 Thinking about Angela’s family 💖

Very sad to read this post. She was a wonderful member of this group. Best wishes to her family. X

I'm so very very sorry to hear that news. Such a sad loss for her family , for you and for this community.She was such a kind, caring person who you couldn't help being drawn to. I'm only grateful she isn't suffering now as her last few posts mentioned how ill she had been feeling.

Rest in peace Angela.


Such sad news. My deepest condolences to her family. Angela was a treasure.

I’m so so sorry and sad to hear this news. Horrid horrid disease. I pray to god that this disease is eradicated forever. Love and strength to Angela’s family xxxxxx

Very sorry to hear this..condolences to her family for their loss.

Oh Maria I am so sorry to hear that my condolences to her family and friends

Oh no. This is incredibly sad. I, too, send my condolences to all of her family and friends. Rest well now Angela, free from pain and suffering. Xxx

I’m so deeply sorry to read this Maria, Angela was such a warm and caring person and will be terribly missed on this site. Please pass my deepest condolences to her family. Fly high lovely Angela xxxxx

So sorry, we will all miss Angela’s posts. Best wishes to her family x

This is so sad to hear. I know Angela was suffering recently 😢. Gave comfort to many on here. My heart goes out to her nearest & dearest.

Rest in Peace Angela 🦋 💕xxx

Sad to hear this news, my condolences to her family & friends. RIP Angela x

So very sad to hear this, she will be sorely missed here by so many of us. Thank you Maria for letting us know, deepest condolences to all her family and friends. Fly high lovely Angela 🦋 ❤️Xx Jane

Oh am really very sad to hear this. She was a brave and intelligent lady and always tried to support me in my posted questions. Much love and condolences to her lovely family and friends xx❤️

I am so, so sad to hear this news. Thank you for letting us know. We are losing too many lovely ladies from this community recently. It seems just yesterday that Angela was excited about some more treatment. I shall miss chatting to her and hearing her words of wisdom. I send my sincere condolences to the family. Angela is at peace now and free from pain. Jackie.

Sad news. Condolences to her family and friends.

Thank you, Maria, for letting us know. Her presence will really be missed here. Xx

Angela was a beautiful lady inside and out She was so supportive to me

I am very sad to hear this news and I will really miss her correspondence

My sincere sympathy to her husband and family

I’m sorry to hear the sad news. She remained so positive and strong throughout. Giving love and support to all her friends on here. She is now looking down on us and keeps us strong once again. Take care my angel 😇 xx

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JustKBO in reply to Lesinbeds

I think that’s exactly what she’ll be doing. Even when she was feeling so poorly she was worrying about the ladies she supported on here.

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I had noticed that Angela hadn't posted in a while and wondered how she was. I will miss her. Blessings to her family and friends. --Lani

So sorry to hear about Angela. My deepest sympathy to her family. I will miss conversations with her. I was just thinking about her recently, as I hadn’t seen any posts on here. Donna 🙏🌸

So very sorry to hear this sad news. 💔

Thank you so much for letting us all know. She was always such an inspiration and such a fighter. Sincere condolences to her husband and family and friends she was a true warrior in her efforts to defeat the dreaded disease. 🙏🙏🦋🦋🦋Fly high beautiful Teal Lady

I'm so sad to hear this

Fly high, Angela. Rest in Peace.

So very sorry to hear this sad news. I will miss Angela’s posts. Sincere condolences to Angela’ family and friends. ❤️🦋

Ive been thinking about this group as another teal sister has left us, and I see it as a circle with us all holding hands, and sometimes the circle gets smaller and sometimes it gets bigger, but we all still need to keep holding hands.

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JustKBO in reply to rosebine

Thats a lovely thought Rosebine.

Dear Maria and all who have had such warm things to say,

I am Angela's daughter. We are absolutely devastated to have lost my beautiful, brave and tenacious mum. You should also know how generous, loving and devoted she has been to me and our family throughout my whole life. It should have come as no surprise that she gave the same support and warmth to you all and yet I am amazed to see all the messages. My dad has seen these posts and I cannot tell you the pride that he clearly has from seeing them.

Only three weeks ago we were on our cruise and although she was clearly declining in health we had such wonderful moments. It is so hard to believe that the photo attached was taken less than three weeks ago. She must have been hiding a lot of what she was feeling.

I wish you all the best with your journeys. Thank you for being there for her when we couldn't empathise with what she was going through. xx

P.S. She would want you to know that she wasn't one for wearing Minnie Ears regularly but did it to get into the spirit!

Family photo of dinner on Disney Magic Cruise
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JustKBO in reply to Pinklady_P

What a lovely happy photograph and what a handsome family. No wonder she was so proud of you all. I’m so glad you had your cruise together, providing more memories to add to all the memories you have built up over the years. I will never forget your mum, my flashing weeping willow makes me smile every evening! wishing you all the very best for the future. Maria x

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SASSY196 in reply to Pinklady_P

I am delighted to know that she was able to go on cruise, we all heard how much she looked forward to it but I wasn't sure if she had been able to go due to insurance complications. I am so pleased you got that special time together and again so sorry for your loss, Sara xxx

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Tulips66 in reply to Pinklady_P

Thank you for taking the time to put up this lovely photo of your mum & your family when you are grieving. It's hard to believe that she has slipped away so soon after your cruise as she looks so healthy & well in the photo. I am sure you will treasure this time with her forever. Thinking of all Xx

Gorgeous photo. Your dear mum looks so glamorous & well despite not feeling so. So happy you all made it on the cruise.

Take good care of yourselves xxx

It is so lovely to see this photo of your mum with you all on the cruise. Like others have said, your mum looks amazing - so glamorous. I admire her bravery. Your mum will be remembered by so many of us on this forum. The day I learned of your mum passing away, my thoughts were of her and with you all, all day. I like to think she will be smiling down on you all - watching over you.

Lisa xx

So sorry to hear about your Mum she will be looking down on all her family with great pride and love. May the sad times be replaced with happy beautiful memories. She will be with you always ❤️Mish

So so sorry, she will be terribly missed. She was such an inspiration to my amazing mother, who passed away in October 2020. May their memories be a blessing.

I remember Laura well and think about her often. She was also a helpful, supportive and very courageous lady. I hope you have settled to life without her and fond memories are more prevalent than heartache. It’s nice that you still are in contact with group. X

I was so sorry to hear this and send my condolences to her family. She will be missed so much - she was always so helpful and knowledgeable and a lovely lady. x

It's very sad to see that Angela had to succumb to the beast that is OC. Thank you for letting us know. May she find rest. xx. Maus

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