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Update on fasting mimicking diet

Hello All. Few months back as posted on here I have started on Longo's fasting mimicking diet. I am on my 4th cycle of Carbo Taxol today. First 2 were uncomplicated. Fasting has been much more difficult prior to the 3rd round:/ i have cheated a bit and had more watermelon on fasting days which were 600cal 4th day prior to chemo and than 300cal on remaining days including chemo day. Oh boy I felt weak😕 feeling overconfident at that point i have reduced intake of steroids to 1 tablet day after chemo but still took Motilium. And yes it has been huge mistake. I am not sure if it was fasting tiredness chemo or being stupid and not taking steroids but started being violently sick on 4th day after chemo into the point of being taken to Kings Hospital for a day due to dehydration. Got better after about 10 days and thus 11 days peior to the 4th round. Lost further 3kg and weight dropped to 47kg at that point I have decided to eat anything I like againts Anticancer book or Longo's alkaline diet (I have eaten 0.5kg of home roasted ham within 1.5days and craved for bloody steak...). My neutrophils went up from 1.3 to 3.9!!! And now the great confusion: was it caused by increase in cal intake eating meat and icecreams after months of strict alkaline diet and fasting?! Or was it Longo's fasting mimicking diet which has done a trick?! I know none of you can make recommendations but is it too crazy to continue fasting from 5th till 6th cycle if feeling ok? I am worry to speak to my onco as I am more likely to be told off but seeing dietitan in Marsden next week to may share my thoughts with her too.

Any of you Lovely Ladies have similar experiences or started on Longo's diet? Shame there are no trials here in UK or network of healthcare professionals to support us whilst we are trying hard to do everything we can to beat the CaBastard up his arse!!! Have a wonderful day!!

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Hi Marta, sorry you've been so tired and dehydrated despite trying to fast to help yourself. Have to admit I don't go along with any specific diet. I've seen or heard of too many people trying various different diets, and failing and feeling miserable, in the eleven years since I've been diagnosed. I used to worry about sugar so couldn't even enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. After a while I decided to eat what I like, within reason. I eat things that help the immune system, but nothing fad-y. Everything in moderation. I have Coeliac Disease so am restricted anyway by having to avoid wheat, rye and barley and not eat too many oats even if the're certified gluten free, having been grown away from other crops so no danger of cross contamination. I have a glass of wine now and then but usually add equal amounts of 7up free ( no sugar). I can hear all the knowledgeable wine buffs throwing up their hands in horror, lol!! 😳 Fancy spoiling wine that way!!!! My husband doesn't like to drink if I don't so this is a nice compromise. I've been very lucky with my previous three Courses of Chemo and have just had to have blood transfusions twice. I'm about to start Carbo and Taxol in two weeks time so hope I'll be as lucky again. I probably won't be having wine, unless it's the time of the cycle when I'm on the up again and it's a special occasion.🥂

So, I have to say, in answer to your question, I personally wouldn't fast. Eat what you fancy, within reason, and do take your steroid anti-sickness tabs. Hope you fare better with your next cycle. Sending love and a big HUG,

Solange. 😊💐


Thank you Solange. Yes mentally I felt much better eating all that ham and icecreams😏 so need to relax with what I eat I guess. 4th round finished and back home. Lets hope not too much sickness this time. I keep my fingers and toes crossed for your treatment to go smoothly this time too. Much appreciate your response! Xxx


Thank you for your reply, Marta. Wondered whether I might upset you with my view having sent my reply. Fingers crossed for a better time with this cycle - you're more than half way through now. 😊Xx

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Absolutely not Solange. There are very good points for me to take on board. And many if you are much more exoerience so always good to share a thought. Thanks😚

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I second what Solange has said. I tried the ketogenic diet that involves fasting during my first lot of chemo, it made me feel ill and played havoc with my bowels! Who needs that when chemo so nicely does that for us too!

I, like Solange now eat what I fancy within reason and walk every day to try and keep the pounds off and fitness levels up x

Think this beast of a disease takes enough away from us without us forcing ourselves to do without things we enjoy and food is a big part of enjoying life!

Eat your ham and steaks and enjoy 😁

Good luck with your next chemo xx



Thank you Bev! Big hugs.x

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Sorry you feel ill. 47 kg sounds like an alarm bell to be honest.. hopefully you won't lose more weight.

Have you considered a less restrictive version of dieting before/during chemo day.. e.g. just eating 'lightly' from the evening of the day prior to chemo, and on chemo day (but not completely fasting)? That way you could still try to reduce side effects, and not feel too badly.

At least that's what I do. That said, I have about 40 kg to spare , and would gladly hand over a few to you if that was possible ;) .

Hope you find a good balance in your nutrition so you feel better soon. Maus


I think you're so brave to try this, and I'm right there with you trying to figure out how to best help ourselves get over this blasted thing. I don't know a great deal about this Longo diet, but looking quickly at it, I did something very similar 30 years ago for Crohns disease (it's like fashion - comes around again if you wait long enough!) The idea for Crohns was to reduce inflammation and CRP levels and hence get the disease in remission. I tried so hard - as you have. I had months of miserable diet. And I ended up in hospital at a very silly weight (6st in old money) and with dehydration and malnutrition. And I still had active disease.

I got remission (from Crohns) finally some ten years ago following a revolutionary treatment which still isn't accepted, and changing my diet to whole foods and the most nutrition I can cram in within the limits of my finances and what my poor bowel can cope with. This isn't relevent and yet as I type it rings all sorts of bells with what's happening with OC.

So now I have this OC and I'm doing more of the same. I'd say the chemo hammers all our nutrients/vitamins/ electrolytes/red cells/white cells - it takes a lot of good nutrition to try and keep those levels going and I'd be worried about a restrictive diet. Personally, I'm liking the anti cancer book - it seems like a common sense whole foods diet which I already do, with some well known extras thrown in. I think that's more doable and maybe as effective but who knows...

I'm sorry I've waffled....all i really wanted to say was be careful ! and good luck :-)

My first chemo day and I'm feeling a bit 'weird' and waffling on so apologies.




Oh Lynn Good Luck today and big hugs!

These are all valid points. Particularly my husband is keen on fasting and was wuite pushy..so I guess its my say this time. Thank you for all valid points. Best wishes. Xxx

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I paid a lot of money for a private consultation with a top oncologist in London and asked the question " Do you recommend any particular diet"? The answer was no so I eat as normally as possible although have little taste or appetite left.


Hi Marta,

I've never tried the diets you mentioned. I did a lot of research into food when I was diagnosed two years ago. I decided that ultimately, eating a variety of good food was the best. So I'm eating whole foods and really paying attention to what my body is craving. If it's something sweet, I deny it :)

After my recurrence, and after my first cycle, all I wanted for the first few days was white food. White bread (gasp) with a little cheese. White rice. Mashed potatoes. Then I woke up from a nap, said to my husband, I need a steak NOW, and off we went. I hoovered that meat down like it was my last meal. Now I'm back to my regular high fibre, fish, and mostly plant based whole foods way of eating.

Let us know what the dietician tells you.

Best wishes.


Thanks a lot. Yes will definitely share the dietian view. X


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