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CA 125 tests


Hi I was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 1c grade 3 ovarian cancer.Surgery to remove them,followed by another surgery to remove my omentum.Five months of chemotherapy,(carboplatin and Paclitaxel.All has been good since.But recent ca 125 test has come back at 48,more than three times higher than my last test in March of this year.

A CT scan has been booked for me,but I am so worried as I have been having some bowel problems of late.Could this alone be enough to cause the higher test result?

Any body able to shed some light or share a similar experience please.

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Many of us will have had a similar experience. I too was 1c grade 3 and a couple of years after 2 lots of surgery and one lot of chemo, my CA 125 started to rise. Hopefully yours will turn out to be down to other causes, but in my case, it was only at that point that I became aware than something like 75% of us recur, some of us many times.

Nevertheless, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. If we learn anything from this site, it is that we're all individuals and nothing is predictable! xxx

Chickysha in reply to Hidden

Hi,Thankyou for your reply,it's the not knowing that is driving me crazy.A CT scan has been booked,maybe then I ll get some answers.Between this and moving house,stress levels are creeping up.I wish you the best of health.Its true we are all different, but it helps to share your fears too.Thankyou again for your reply and honesty. XX

I was informed that your CA-125 can elevate due to infections, stress etc. mine is up at 1,200 but I feel fine am backin treatment again - 48 is awesome!


Chickysha in reply to PAE68

48 in comparison sounds nothing.I wish you the very best of health.Thankyou for your honest reply.

My CA125 went from 20 to 40 last time I was tested.I was on watch and wait until I had symtoms before they would do another scan.A month ago I was in emergency with bowel issues.Since that time I have been bloated with continued bloating and bowels issues.I did a scan on Friday and I am waiting for a call from my surgeon/ oncologist to see if I have reoccurred. I made it over a year this time,but still devastated that I didn't have a longer break.A CA125 rise and bloating/ constipation are indicators that I am probably on my second reoccurance. A CA125 rise is not always an indicator for reoccurance. I hope your test show clear scans and hope the best for you..😎👍One day at a time.Take care.Keep us posted.Lynn💙💙

Chickysha in reply to Lynn_B

Thanks Lynn,I am been monitored for further bowel issues too.I wish you the very best of luck with any treatments in the future.Will keep in touch.It helps to talk with someone who has also walked the same path.

Sharon xxx

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