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Heart failure

Since January I have been suffering with SOB and it was noted on CT that I had evidence of heart failure. Mix up regarding referrals for cardio but finally seen for an echo yesterday. Showed bilateral heart failure and a thrombus so now in hospital awaiting treatment plan. I wonder how much more can be thrown at me! My poor husband is left to pick up the pieces (and the grandchildren!). Pretty low in spirits this morning which is unusual for me. They will want to investigate the cause once they stabilise things.

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At least it's finally being sorted. I remember from your previous post there was a long delay with your referral to a cardiologist.

Fingers crossed it's all sorted quickly and the cause is ascertained.

Thinking of you in hospital.

All the best,



4677, Did you have Caelyx? In US it's called Doxil (Doxorubicin). It is known to cause heart failure. I pray that your situation can be remedied.


Wishing you luck- please let us know how you are getting on.


On Tuesday I attended cardio for an echo. Severe heart failure -EF 10%! Also have a thrombus and now on warfarin! Waiting for results of a CT and MRI done today so I can be sure that I’m on the right treatment plan so currently an in-pt. At least I know what’s causing the breathlessness and why I feel so exhausted.


Hello, you are I the right place to get some answers. I am on caelyx and have a lot of breathlessness. When I walk upstairs or up hills my heart pounds.

Hope you are sorted very soon.

K x


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