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Blood clot?


Has anyone had a blood clot? My D-dimer markers are raised so I’ve had anti clotting thinners and am having a CT scan tomorrow. No other symptoms other than a LOT of pain when inhale breath, left lung base and very tired.

Of course it could just be the stupid cancer growing in my pleura that’s causing the pain, neither scenario is good, but thought I’d see if any of you ladies have any any advice xxx

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Jessica I have a blood clot in my lung. I’m in hospital as you know. They picked it up at my last scan. I’m going to be on injections for 6 months. Never noticed anything but then again I’ve had lots of pain going on so probably just muddled up with all that.

What youre describing though are classic clot symptoms xo

Lily-Anne in reply to Julie40

Where is the pain? I’ve been getting lots of chest pain and in my ribs. They did an ECG which didn’t flag much more than a slow heart rate. But the pains are back with a vengeance and I’m kept it a bit quiet

Been thinking about you Julie

LA xx

Base lid lungs mostly on left. Shallow breathing helps, but if I sneeze or take in a deep breathe it’s agony.

Really hope you can access your Avastin soon Lily-Anne x

Julie40 in reply to Lily-Anne

You’re always in my thoughts Lily-Anne. I hope you get a new plan in place soon for the Avastin.

I’m very tired and dipping in and out of social media. Feeling much better though and dreading starting chemo again.

All my love xox

Lily-Anne in reply to Julie40

I've got a temperature creeping up, think I want to go home lol


Nooooo!! Hope it stays stable xx

Hi Julie,

I’m much the same, pain in that area from pleural disease is there anyway. But this came on more intensely over the last 24 hours. All other bloods ok ish for day 11 post chemo. Guess CT will confirm, but didn’t want another one as last was only 4 weeks ago.

Hope you are ok xx Been thinking about you xxx

I’ve been on bowel rest and had tummy drain so cleared off loads of gunk. That really helped. Team meeting tomorrow to see if I can get moving on chemo.

I’ve had 2 CT scans in last couple of weeks. Not ideal but best way for them to see what’s going on. Hope you get it under control and feel better soon.

Sending love xox

Good to hear Julie. I’m just home, no PE. Just slight increase in thickening on left side.

Off to the Marsden tomo to see if there are any options for me!?

What’s your next chemo? Xx


I had a number of blood clots last summer which unfortunately blocked some of the blood vessels supplying my heart. The first I knew was when I started having a heart attack.

I was 3 rounds in to second line chemo and the cardiologist believes the clots were caused by the Carboplatin.

My oncologist tells me such complications are very rare and therefore there is no research data available. However quite a few of us ladies have clots of one type or another so maybe more ignored than rare?


What your oncologist means is, there is research available, but its well hidden and he's not going to tell you or doesn't know. There is something on line from (?) that states "..... blood clots.... have been reported with carboplatin use. Less than 1% were life threatening." with no clue as to how many people get clots whilst on it. It is odd though because carboplatin reduces platelets in the blood, which should mean clots are much less likely; and cancer itself causes people to have clots by interfering with other clotting mechanisms in the blood. Somebody somewhere knows how many people get clots, but maybe its difficult to decide whether the clots were from the cancer, or from the carboplatin. Or they know, but the information's not public. My experience of this cancer journey is that getting accurate information is pretty difficult, and cancer specialists generally really are not very forthcoming.

Good luck with scan. Is it fairly instant the results? My son had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and had no pain with his clot just couldn’t grip or move fingers on his left hand. They filled him up with meds but no long term thinners only BP meds

Much love

LA xx

Hidden in reply to Lily-Anne

Doesn't rain but it pours for your family, L-A. Hoping he's feeling okay. xx

Oh Lily -Anne, sorry to hear this. Life’s certainly testing you xxx

Nicky100 in reply to Lily-Anne

Oh Lily Anne sorry to hear that xx

I frequently have a raised D-Dimer it can also be raised by inflammation. I have been in hospital a few times with a suspected pulmonary embolism but CT scans have always come back negative. I do suffer with pleural effusions which can also cause pleuritic pain

Yes this is possibly the case. I’ve only a small amount of fluid at moment, but disease is scattered around the pleura so perhaps I’m just becoming symptomatic. 4 weeks ago was virtually pain free. X

Hi Jessica, I had EXACTLY the same as you in all tests and symptoms. There turned out to be no clot. Other factors can also raise the markers. But keep us posted. At least you are in and getting all the checks just in case.

Nicky x

Hope so Nicky.

But then also scared it’s disease and if so, it’s sudden and this isn’t going to get better until it’s under control.

Hope you are doing ok still? Xxx

Hi... yes I am doing OK thank you. I’ve just ordered some more supplements that dice been researching to add to my arsenal! I am stable just now and want desperately to try and keep it that way. It’s scary.

How are you doing? Xxx

I’d really like to get to stable. Are you still taking the gig cocktail you posted last year? Xx

The supplements?

I try to when I feel up to it. I stopped for a while on chemo last year as I felt I’ll and found it an effort to take tablets. I have just researched a couple of new ones so am going to add those too.

How are you feeling today? Xx

Haha, it’s a good job us woman can read each other’s mind!!

I’m ok thank you, Ive been to the Marsden again because my 2nd line treatment hasn’t worked, well, so far it’s shown progression on scan. But I’m having the final two purely based on symptoms improving and CA125 coming down.

So at best I’m hoping for stability, hence thinking what could I add into the mix if I’m lucky enough to stabilise. If disease is still on move after scan in 4 weeks, I’m being referred to the early trials team at Marsden or Christie. Xx

I’m sorry to hear you are having a rough time, Jess. I hope you get some answers soon.

Vicki xxx

Thank you Vicki xxx

Jess--I had two clots---in separate lobes that were only discovered when I had my routine CT scan. I did not know I had them. The pain you describe is something I had after my debulking surgery and the doctors told me it was trapped air and they understood it to be quite painful --hard to inhale (they gave me pain meds and said it takes time for it to dissipate, which it did). Assuming you did not have surgery recently, it sounds like it might be something else.

My hematologist told me I will be on blood thinners for the rest of my life. She said clots come from OC as well as [some] chemo and no more chances after I developed them the first time (showing I am prone).

Wishing you luck getting answers. oxox Judy

Thanks Judy.

Yes I remember that for months after debulking. I’m over a year since op.

Just annoyed I have to have a CT so soon after last one 4 weeks ago. But can’t risk not. Xx

Dear Jessica,

When I became ill so suddenly with this Ovarian Cancer, I was riddled with tumours in my belly and ascites and pleural effusion.

Before long, I could hardly breathe. Turns out I had several blood clots in my lungs.

Upon study, it turns out that cancer, particularly Ovarian cancers, cause one 's blood to become "Sticky", so that clots form easily and it is a common problem for us.

I was terrified at first, but I learned how to give myself the blood thinning injections and as my cancer was destroyed, the blood clots dissolved and no more were formed.

6 months later, no more injections!



I had a pulmonary embolism following surgery - probably because they took off my compression stockings and didn't put them back and then forgot to give me the injections. After this I had to inject daily for 7 months. Then, after my recurrence, I went for a consultation and was told that, as I had clear cell, I needed to be on blood thinners for life. Apparently clear cell carries a high risk of clots. I tried Rivaroxaban and Apixaban but they both made me terribly sick so I am stuck with the horrid injections. The initial PE cleared up quickly on heparin injections.

No clot. Possibly pleural irritation, disease, scaring etc ... slight increase in upper abdomen nodules since scan 4 weeks ago.

But I’m due to go down to the Marsden tomo anyway. See if there’s something for me, 3rd line xxx

Best wishes for tomorrow.

Thank you. 🙏

I’m wishing you loads of luck and news that brings you a plan of action if possible. I’m glad they are at least checking you. Much love from me. Nicky ❤️💓

Good luck tomorrow!

Jessica-DianeB in reply to Neona

Thank you Neona xx

Hi Jessica. I've not had a blood clot but would like to wish you all the best with the Ct results..take care Lorraine xx

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