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With regard to severe headache, sinus pain, and aching teeth area. There is nothing wrong with my teeth. The pain I have is when I have had the caelyx, it is different than any other headache I have had, the whole head is painful and like with the sinus pain my whole head hurts even more if I need to lean over for anything, even my neck hurts.

I have since heard of two others with the same symptoms. The side effects just list headache as one of the effects without mentioning the severity. I have had this effect now for the last couple of months of treatment. First time it lasted two weeks gradually getting better, this time I still have it. Any other woman suffering this? My eyes also ache.

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  • I have this but from Avastin. It's the teeth aching that is the worst symptom for me . I get excrutuating pain across my face when I go out in the cold. It's the worst side effect I have had from any treatment. I have a sea water nasal spray from ENT but nothing helps. Bobbie

  • HI Bobalu, have sinus issues fromAvastin, have tried sprays saline and also Nasonex. Had check up with ent consultant, spray was changed for a few week and use of neil med sinus rinses. Then they stopped the spray totally and continue on with neil med available from your chemist. I have to say much improved, I think the sprays could tend to push any infection back up into the sinus and the rinses are clearing that up. I am no longer hoarse

  • Thanks I will give it a try, worse symptom yet . How are you getting on with Avastin, is it keeping you stable ? Bobbie

  • Well it seems to be keeping it under wraps so far. Next scan is in about ten days but the onc nurses say the bloods are okay and not to be worrying about it but we all worry to an extent. My bp only went up with a bad sinus infection and came down again . I do find my energy slumps a bit

  • Good luck with scans. I know we are told not to read too much into CA 125 but I think it's a fairly good indication of where the cancer is at so you should be ok

  • I am okay now but wait until Thurs week, I will be so grumpy or more grumpy.

  • You will be fine . Let us know your results

  • hi

    I finished carbo/caelyx in Dec last year for 2nd recurrence. Had the same type of pain across my forehead and down the right side of my face. my scalp felt tender to touch. It lasted about 2 weeks. Had to get painkillers from my GP. It felt like shingles which I had several years ago in the same place. I wondered if it could be a flare up of that as my immune system was low. GP thought it might be.

  • Hi ,thinking back i had neck and base of head pain towards end of caylex treatment.sensitive teeth too.i did check out with dentist.heat on neck did help.hope your coping.xxterrie

  • Yeah me too, I had a loose tooth before treatment started and its even looser now after 5th cycle. Worst toothache and pain right side face and headaches just kept taking paracetamol every 4hours but it didn't go away, my teeth remain ultra sensitive. I am due 6th and hopefully last one on Friday. CT scan on the 30th so here's hoping it's all been worth it. How many cycles do you have left, take care lots of love Bridie xx

  • You should mention this to your team and hopefully you could get pain meds for the pain, Treatment is a pain isnt it

  • I have just started treatment with caelyx and have been having bad headaches too. It's nearly 2 Weeks since treatment and I don't get then all the time and they vary in severity. I wondered if I had sinus infection but I don't think so. What a pain!

    Hope they ease soon

    Francesca x

  • Thanks, I have now had the same reaction after the last three sessions of chemo, didn't have this reaction for the first four. Will discuss with my oncologist, as I have been put on caelyx now every 28 days as a maintenance dose to try and keep the remaining cancers at bay.

  • Maybe its part of the course with Caelyx so, I didnt have that treatment yet, I suppose the best thing is to discuss with the oncology team and see if they will give something for the pain

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