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Ascities with reocurrance

Hello all I'm Nicola I'm 32 I'm new here, first diagnosed Sept 2015 and remission from March 2016. Last onc app she said nodules growing here and there and put on letrozole. Can handle most things but my stomach is so uncomfortable and getting bigger but slowly compared to the 1st time, does ascities grow slowly? Xx

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No my fluid only went down following a number of drains from my abdomen fluid also in my lung


Hi Nicola. Your diagnosis time, remission, and recurrence follows my mom almost the same. She was diagnosed August 2015, and remission in February 2016. She is experiencing a recurrence right now, and they did mention fluid in her belly/pelvis area.

From what I've read, chemo can definitely dry up the ascites, and no doubt they can shrink, and even eliminate any nodules latching on to organs.

I am sorry to hear you're going through this. It's a tough time; I'm going through it with my mom. We hoped she'd go longer without it coming back (as everyone does), but as I've been told by the lovely ladies here, this cancer does not necessarily mean a death sentence, it's often treated, and viewed by the medical field as if it were a chronic disease. There's so many chemo combinations available, as well as immunotherapy, and new stuff on the horizon.

I know some on here that have had a longer remission the second time, so do stay positive. And of course, if the fluid is really affecting you, don't hesitate to call your hospital, or go there, as draining it can provide great relief to you.

Hugs, and support,



Thank you so much Michael that is a really and helpful and positive reply. I had alot of fluid the 1st time round and it makes me so miserable and worried, u geel like because it's visible on the outside it' more real if u know what I mean x


Hi Nicola

I am so sorry you are in this situation. You are very similar to me. I was diagnosed May 2015, had all the treatment, operation, Avastin. Tried so hard to be the healthiest of people for two years but gradually the CA125 increased and I am back in recurrence. I haven’t got much ascites yet but have landed up in hospital last night with a clogged bowel which was upsetting. I think I will be starting back on chemo, Carbo/Caelyx very soon. I am sorry this has happened to you at such a young age but please take heart, they are bringing new drugs out. Sending you love and best wishes. If you are back on chemo it takes the ascites down. Sophia x


Thanks Sophia. I'm only on letrozole at the min but tbh if it takes the ascities away o woukd prefer the chemo. Wishing you all the best too xxx


I had a drain inserted as a day case to drain the fluid away. 2 litres came out and I felt much better after that. I also had a two year remission and when the cancer came back I had a second opinion on surgery at Queen Charlottes's Hammersmith in West London and went ahead with this. After six cycles of chemo Carbo Caelyx I am now on Letrozole.


Hi i had ascities first time round I had 5 and half litres drained and then 2 weeks later 4 and a half. I'm having a reocurrance now and the ascities seems to be real slow. Maybe it's the letrozole xx


Nicola I believe I am going through the same thing dx April 2016 finished treatment September 16. Onc appointment last week showed lesions around the abdomen and small pockets of fluid

I am waiting on a pet scan ref irregularities on top of the liver, I’ve also noticed I am getting bigger slowly.

Sending you hugs Ellsey xx


Yes it sounds the same. So scary. I hate all the waiting but also too scared to ask what my exact position is at the moment x


It could be an enlarged lymph node. I had that last year and then it settled on it's own, guess it's pumping all the nasties out of our systems. I wouldn't worry unless they do

LA xx


Hi LA where was this enlarged lymphnode? X


Hi Nicola, so sorry to hear you are going through this ,I have been in hospital last week having Ascites drained after 6 litres feel so much better, i also started carbo/caelyx Monday , they left the drain in for the next ten days ,so if I feel uncomfortable I can drain it off this is just until the chemo kicks in ..... Wishing you all the best with your treatment .

Sending hugs

Loren x


Thank you loren it's uncomfortable I had alot first time. Wishing you all the best xx


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