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Light-brown spot on my left thigh

Hello, I am a 23 year old man, I am new to this website and thought that I could give it a go. Recently I've noticed that I've got a light-brown patch on my left thigh. I have been going through a lot of articles on google, and I cannot really get the idea of what it could be. The worst case could be a skin cancer, but it's too light for a melanoma. It used to be smaller a year ago or so, but I never really paid much attention to it. It used to have a little dry skin over it back in the day, but now it's just a light-brown spot. It's at the size of a 50 euro cent coin. I've attached an image as well.

Let me know what you think. I do consider seeing a dermatologist next week.

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Hi you’ve got on to a site for ladies with ovarian cancer and relating problems good luck with your issues though 😉

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Hi there ... this is a place for women with Ovarian cancer so I doubt we’d have experts on what your difficulty is.

I suggest you see your GP if you’re worried.

Good luck.


Go and see your GP, in my opinion Doctor internet isn’t very helpful at all as you have found out. I hope you get some answers but as we’re ovarian cancer ladies we don’t have the expertise to help you with this. Good luck ❤️Xx Jane

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As the girls say, we are not exclusively women on this forum but it is for those women and families with women affected by ovarian cancer. However, I will answer you as hubby and I have experience of skin cancer. If it frightens you to get it checked then that's a good thing to be honest. Better safe than sorry. Hubby had something similar on his back for many years and then suddenly it changed and ended up as a black melanoma very quickly. When it was removed it was 0.1 mm under the 2mm maximum which indicates a secondary tumour anywhere in the body. He had a large piece of skin and tissue removed from his back in case the cancer was spreading silently underneath. That was 4 years ago and he still has 3 monthly scans, X-rays and checks in case a secondary appears. Last year he had a carcinoma on the back of his knee but because the doctor knew what to look for and because of his regular checks it was removed quite quickly. Hubby thought it was an insect bite which wouldn't heal. Sadly not.

I had a white lump just by the side of my nose for a couple of years. Nothing too sinister looking and hardly noticeable. Suddenly it started to grow and itch. It was still white and hard. It was a carcinoma and was removed.

I tell you this to explain how odd lumps and blemishes can be quite harmless for years but suddenly turn nasty on you. If you have just noticed your patch then it's probably absolutely nothing to worry about. But, get it checked asap and keep a watchful eye on it. And stay away from Doctor Google. You'll worry yourself to death long before your patch gets you :-)


I have also had skin cancer, had it removed over 10 years ago, & have needed no further treatment. I went to see my gp 2 _ 3 years ago about an odd looking patch on my face, but this time was reassured that it was nothing to worry about. My husband has also had skin cancer. I asked him to see our gp recently about some moles on his back that I thought looked odd, & he was told that that's wasn't cancer either. The moral of the story _ if in doubt, check it out. Di


So sorry for this, and thank you for the replies. I paid a visit to the doc and they said that it's an Erythrasma.


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