Worried about unexplained bruising

Hello everyone - I am on Letrozole as a preventative measure against a recurrence. I understand that it only really kicks in after 3 months, which is now. Last week and again this week I have had what look like burst blood vessels/veins on my face (one on my eyelid and today on my cheek). The GP has taken blood last week, just in case there's a problem and I'll find out the results at my oncologist appt on Wed. But I just wondered if any of you could shed any light on what was happening at all? There's no pain, just a rather red mark, not a rash/spot, which lasts around a week. This has not happened to me before despite the chemo etc, and I've not banged my head or anything. (And my husband promises me he's not elbowed me during the night while I was snoring!). Do you think this could be something that needs advice before Wed, or should I relax until then? Thanks in advance x

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  • Hi Minard, you put your post I'm the wrong community. Try to transfer it to the breast cancer one.

    I don't think that it has anything to do with Letrazole but other members might think differently.

  • Thanks - of course! Although I'm an Ovarian cancer person, Letrozole is almost always prescribed for Breast cancer. Doh! I'll try again.

    On a better note, I'm a lot less upset about this today and I'll be seeing the oncologist tomorrow so not long to go.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond x

  • I don't know the answer to your question I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say that breast cancer drugs seem to be prescribed to a number OC patients too now. I've read of several people taking Letrazole. I'm currently taking Tamoxifen, another breast cancer drug, & before that I took Exemestane for a year.


  • PS I've noticed that there are a number of posts on this site about Letrazole


  • Thanks Di. At my meeting tomorrow with my consultant I'm gong to ask if I can also have a conversation with the head of the Medical Oncology team. I find the aromatase inhibitors an interesting approach, and he's recognised as an established expert in OC here in Edinburgh. I'm hoping that he may open up some new avenues in terms of trials/different treatments etc and I'll share anything I learn here of course.

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