NHS winter pressures!

Had CT scan from top to toe on 27th December with follow up appt. at end of January which seemed ages since I first saw consultant and now outpatient appts.have been rescheduled for end of February.I don’t think problems are a recurrence of the cancer for the sixth time,more likely adhesions or strictures in my colon where the Stoma was formed but I have been to A &E twice and in a lot of discomfort for about eight weeks.If I eat normally then two days later I’m in a lot of pain and back on soup again.I can’t sleep because I’m worried and fed up with trying to be cheerful for other people’s benefit.I rang the Stoma nurses and they have no appts locally until February either but I did get some advice.

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  • Sending gentle hugs to you...you have so much to deal with without having your outpatient appts shunted too. Quite cross on your behalf 😡 xx

  • Well done, Jeremy Hunt and company. Make my blood boil.

  • Would it be possible to email your Consultant to inform him/her of your symptoms and ask for your scan results ; as there seems to be such pressure on appointments . It's a really long stressful time for you to wait . I have used email at times when I have got a concern .


  • I have emailed too, it often gets things moving. You could also try a triple approach - mail oncologist or the sec or nurse and send similar or copy to GP asking for help AND contact PALS and beg them to intervene. It is unacceptable to be left in pain and distress as you have been.

    Are you registered with your local Hospice? We all have an incurable disease likely to shorten our lifespan on this site and can get registered with a Hospice via our GP (I am talking about U.K. of course) even though many of us are not considered 'terminal' (thankfully). I can contact the Hospice about pain management etc and they get things done!

    Hope you get relief soon.

    Iris xx

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