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Bad taste

My mum was a member here. For about a year before her diagnosis of primary peritoneal cancer she complained bitterly of an awful taste in her mouth. Every investigation was normal. The first day after her debulking surgery the taste was gone. Shortly before her 1st recurrence the taste came back.

Has anyone else linked an awful bad taste as a symptom of cancer?

I can't find any information linking this.

Last week I watched the programme about a woman who could smell people with Parkinson's disease.

Maybe there is something in it??

Anyone else had the same?

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Hi there. I have heard others describe this but it wasn’t a symptom for me.

It is interesting...they say animals particularly dogs can smell cancer.

Perhaps more research is needed?



I also had an awful taste in my mouth and was extremely nauseous.

My tongue was black and I could only eat certain foods.Very limited.

Could not tolerate tea or coffee at all.

This disappeared as soon as the tumour was removed and I could then eat anything-even tolerated a curry 4 days post-op!!!!!

I have clear cell OC.

Take care and a happy new year to you and yours X


Howick01 in Chinese medicine a black tongue is a sign of stagnation and of cancer. My tongue was also fatter than normal and dark. I’m now obsessed about checking it daily


That is most interesting as at the time I was seen by ENT consultant and she just shrugged it off as oesophageal pharyngitis .Meantime I had huge tumour growing !!

Thank you .


I didn't have a bad taste but I did have a very dry mouth on diagnosis until the chemo started working.


She possibly hAd acid reflux. I was given omeprazole before diagnosis


Hi, yes have experienced this from time to time together with bowel problems. Apparently chemo can destroy part of the natural bacteria in the gut causing these problems, have started taking probiotics which am hoping will help,

Happy New Year to all kindred spirits

Jackie O


Not exactly, but I certainly feel there was a smell connection with my husband's prostate cancer: mouth and armpits and indeed it was digestive stuff which sent him to the GP which led to the diagnosis ( at my pressing).

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Three months before my husband was diagnosed and died from Lymphoma B the dog next door refused to come near him. He used to take her for daily walks and they were the best of friends. I also noticed she was reluctant to come near me. I went away for three months and on return she wouldn’t come near me either. Time went by and about 12 months later I was diagnosed with OC. After completing my treatment which took about 8 months I returned home and sometime later my neighbours dog returned for a visit as she has moved to a farm now, and was quite happy to lick my hand and be friendly again.. amazing!.. a very special dog. She is a Kelpie cross. I haven’t seen her for a few months now must make a visit!!


Amazing creatures. I must admit I don't quite understand how they can refuse to go near someone with a smell of cancer, but relish rolling around in foxes' poo!

Think you should definitely keep up the visits, seems a good test!

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So funny!!... she actually was quite cowed, tail between her legs and ears down, maybe frightened really.


Yes I did experience the bad taste in my mouth and a constant pain in my upper abdomin. Turns out after they scraped as much cancer & scar tissue as they could the pain was gone. That was the 2nd thing I noticed once I woke up from surgery. First was to check for an ostomy bag.


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