Chance to recognise!!

I have a suggestion to make, when we attend our numerous appointments why don't we wear a piece of teal ribbon or whatever pinned in a prominent position on our clothing so that we can recognise fellow posters??

I often sit there and wonder if anyone in the room is an overcome poster. It would be lovely to make contact and have a chat.

Anyone of you agree? I will anyway, so if you see a lady with a piece of teal coloured material pinned to her, please make contact. I shall be at the marsden Chelsea on the 8th and 9th of Jan and probably again on the 16th Jan. Love to meet fellow warriors. X

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  • Absolutely agree....between us we'll sort out the NHS and Jeremy Hunt Yet!!!! Chris xxxx

  • Ah! That’s a lovely idea. I’m at the Marsden too...but the Sutton branch...and I’m in on the 10th Jan. We’ll be ships that pass in the night.

    Vicki x

  • I think this is a very good idea. I do the same. I wear my Target Ovarian badge but I’m sure a teal ribbon would be good too. Or maybe Ovacome has one? Xx

  • Great idea.x

  • I've just bought a few teal badges and key rings to give to friends & family. Will wear mine at my next appt in January in Velindre, Cardiff; may meet other women in a similar situation. Although none of us want to be in this group, the support is invaluable. Fab idea, thank you. Xxx

  • Good idea... I have already met two ladies randomly at C's ( one on chemo bed next to mine, one coming out the loo, having chatted to her husband outside...) with O.C.

    Neither had heard of this forum, makes you wonder what % of us link up to share and support?

    Janet 🌈

  • I wear a teal ribbon on my coat when I attend New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton but as of yet have not seem another one. In fact have not meet another teal warrior sometimes it can be a bit lonely can’t it. Although I suspose all Cancer sufferers are on their own journey aren’t they. So to you all have a good Christmas and an even better 2018. Onwards and upwards. Xxx

  • I'm at Hammersmith Hospital on Jan 2, unless they postpone me again! I think this forum is so valuable it should be promoted to women when they start their journey - the NHS is wonderful but overstretched and can't give us the degree of personalised attention which would make a difference. I don't think enough people realise how supportive a peer network can be - I have read so many useful messages on here - NO-ONE knows better what we are going through better than someone who is experiencing the same - like chemo! Statistics are just that - without the human context which gives us a personal measure of what is, and isn't "normal", when to worry, and when not to. And to celebrate the highs, as well as draw comfort during the lows. You are all amazing, and so brave. xxx

  • Good idea! I’ve met two ladies in the flesh so to speak (Angela and Mac27) but through coincidence when they happened to mention they were at the same hospital as me.

    Happy Christmas☃️☃️

  • I feel left out! Going to fly from NY to the UK just so I can do this with all of you! Actually its a great idea for the US online group of which I am also a member. Thank you!

  • Happy Christmas from across the pond 🎄❤️🎁xx Jane

  • I agree but I am in Australia. If any Aussie members are on here I will be wearing my ribbon at my appointments. Sharon

  • I have a daughter in Australia near gouldburn NSW. Where are you??

  • I live in Queensland which is quite far away. I live on an island called Bribie Island. It is not far from Brisbane which our capital city.

  • Thanks for the info. Have a great Christmas or is it nearly over for you I know my daughter is 11 hours in front!!?

  • Go for it. Merry Christmas. Anthea x

  • I will be at Bristol Royal Infirmary on January 4 and 5 for my next TroVax blood test and vaccine and will wear something teal, what a great idea. A very Happy Christmas to all the wonderful ladies and gentlemen on this site and their families, and hope you all feel as well as possible and forget about OC for a few hours or days.🥂⛄️❄️🎄 love Sophia xxxxx

  • I will be at Addenbrookes January 9th (scan) & 16th (oncology clinic). Di

  • Yes -great idea!

  • Brill idea - will do!

  • I'll definitely be doing the same thing. Haven't got an appointment until first week of February and unless there's a miracle start chemo the following week. Badge ready.

  • Yes a great idea, I will be at airdale hospital Keighley on the 8th of January. I will have to try and find some teal ribbon. 🙂

  • That's great let's hope lots of people do the same. I was asking around for a bit of teal material then someone gave me a present with a teal bow, I was thrilled!! Going to put a safety pin on the bow and pin it on my top for my next appointment at the Marsden Chelsea on the 8th and 9th be lovely to meet one of us!!

    Take care keep well. Anthea x

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