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Flu like symtoms for 3 days now


Hi felt really rough since Mon, shivering, aching bones then pouring with sweat and totally exhausted. Finished chemo on Jan 24th, side effects were extreme tiredness. Could this still be connected or I have picked up a bug? No sneezing, or sore throat etc. I did have a pretty hectic w/end, had family staying here as we went to a funeral on Frid, a lot of dashing around, cooking and drinking and I must admit I was glad when they left as I was exhausted. I don't think I have appreciated how much chemo takes it out of you. Seeing the oncologist on Mon to get my ct result, so feeling poorly and anxious! Oh can someone tell me what Teal warrior means, I know its to do with OC but why the Teal? xx

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Teal is the colour for ovarian cancer like pink for breast cancer ... your symptoms could be to do with chemo and over exertion but also could be bug ... would not hurt to check with your gp just to be sure 😊

triplets in reply to Shellygirl

Trouble is it takes 2 weeks to get an appointment these days! Thank you for your reply. xx

Shellygirl in reply to triplets

It does so I have often had telephone conversations... is this a possibility?? It's awful when you finish chemo and you think I should be feeling better and the reality is you don't ... hope you feel better soon🤗

Alifit in reply to triplets

In my experience if you remind the receptionist of your diagnosis, they should get the doctor to see or speak to you the same day.

Hoe you feel better soon, Ali x


Sounds like you have had a busy few days .

Finished my chemo in January and still have periods of extreme tiredness but on Avastin for maintenance. Think it can take many months for bodies to recover . But does sound like you should get checked out by GP incase you have picked up bug surely if you explain you are recovering from chemo and need an urgent app they should sort you an app .

Hope you get sorted and good luck with your scan results and future treatment . Love Kimx

Have you taken yout temperature? Check if it's high. You will still feel weak from chemo it take your body a few months to recover take it easy. Hope your soon we'll x

The teal reference is for the colour of ovarian cancer just like pink is for breast cancer etc.

You may well still be experiencing after effects of the chemo together with a busy weekend, a funeral which in itself is traumatic, being very busy looking after others and there are so many viruses going around at this time of year you may have picked something up, + your immune system is still not functioning properly so it is possibly a combination of everything. Do you have a temperature at all? 🤒 I would think given your history that your GP would be able to prioritise you with a speedy appointment. If they can't see you speak to your oncology team for advice if you're really worried.

Hope you feel better soon, get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids (preferably not gin 😜). Big getting better hugs ❤xx Jane

Don't want to shrug off what you have and if you are at all worried consult your gp,

but I can honestly say since finishing chemo March2015 I have got whatever is going,mostly because I look after my 3 year old grandson for 2 days a week and 3 days he goes to nursery.

I have had 3 colds plus flu this winter and have got the flu jab on a Tuesday.,I think my immune system is at a low and I am not on treatment, so whatever you can do to help yourself is good but as I say take advice if worried,

Love Carole xx


It sounds to me like a combo of rushing around and picking up some sort of a bug. From my personal experience it feels too big a gap from the end of chemo for it to be directly linked to that, but your immune system will certainly still be depressed. If your temperature isn't too raised, I'd be tempted to assume it's a virus and let it run its course. If it is a virus the GP wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. Alternatively ring the chemo suite for advice.

And concentrate on building up your immune system.

And ease back gently into normal life. I think it's not uncommon to get ill immediately after chemo. Immediately after finishing my mother and I went racing off to France. She ended up in hospital and I had several days rather similar to what you describe (during which I never thought to take my temperature!)

Hope you're feeling better soon. x

Hi, it sounds to me as though you have picked up a bug of some sorts and if you have had a house full it is likely. If you phone your GP and say that you are having treatment for OC they have to see you that day. If you leave it til after the weekend, it could get worse.


Thank you everybody. I had a slightly better night, and hour of shivering then sweating, still in bed so haven't taken my temp yet, it was 38.4 y/day so was high. Will ring gp anyway and see if I can at least speak to somebody. Not worried, as I do feel I have picked up a bug with a low immune system. Jut a pain! I was feeling so good! x

If you can't speak to GP, do you have access to your oncology helpline? I rang the helpline at the hospital where I've been treated for advice because I was feeling unwell 6 weeks after finishing chemo, & they said it wasn't too late to ring them Di

Yes, I agree with Di - definitely ring someone for advice. Ideally the cancer helpline as it's still less than a month since you finished chemo. They will probably err on the side of caution due to your temperature, as in my experience this has resulted in a call to my hospital to allow me to access medics without sitting in A&E. Do you think you're recovering a little now though? x

With that temperature you need to ring the helpline number they gave you at the hospital. They will take your bloods and have you on antibiotics via IV within an hour. Please don't wait. Best wishes Linda xx

It sounds to me like you need to give your immune system a boost. I take a supplement with beta glucans (mushroom based) called Immunoblast by Nutri which is pricey but good for avoiding colds and 😷Flu. Our immune systems take a massive bashing with cancer and chemo and need help. Have plenty of green tea ☕️ and try turmeric. Hope you feel better soon.

Love Sophia

Sorry you're poorly, no further advice to give but get well soon and wishing you all good for scan results xxx

Hi, sorry your feeling poorly. Do contact your GP. As a cancer patient you should not have to was it 2 weeks for an appointment. As Allfit said, remind the receptionist of your dfiagnosis and that your not lo ng fi ixhed chemo. Good luck. Ann xx

Is your hemoglobin back up around 12 yet? I know the chemo hit me hard and I was so tired until my hgb went back up. Emotional stress can take its toll also. Put your feet up and take care of yourself this week. Keep us posted. Xx Carol

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