I was diagnosed with stage 3C OV in Feb. 2017. Had 13 hrs. of debunking surgery including complete historectomy, half of my colon, and my spleen at Hopkins and 3 and half months of IPec (chemo directly into the abdomen) Taxol, and carboplatnin (excuse the spelling). I am in remission for the OC, but on Dec. 8 was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer). Two different cancer diagnosis in one year. Fortunately, the BC is very small (less than 5 mm), slow growing and all my markers are very positive. A lumpectomy is scheduled for Jan 2, 2018. I'm calling myself the luckiest unlucky person I know.

Genetic testing was negative, no history of CA on either side of my family, not overweight, non smoker, played tennis 4-5 times a week before diagnosis, eat right, social drinker, 72 years young. Relatives on mother's side of family lived into their 90's with one aunt living to 104. I'm hoping for a healthier 2018.

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  • Hi Mary, I am so sorry you have had 2 big blows in one year. I am glad to hear you are in a good place with your oc lets hope it stays a way for good!!!

    As for your breast cancer the fact its really small hopefully that can be sorted out & you can be free of cancer all together. My friend had a massive big tumour n her left breast. They graded it 3c & she went through 6 chemo's spent weeks in hospital but I can tell you she has been free from cancer for over 2 years. She has been very lucky & I hope that gives you some positive vibes.

    Also I was only given 6 months to live with 3c oc & I am still here almost 3 years later. I have had 33 chemo's I am now on a chemo tablet. You sound very positive & that does help. Please keep us up dated good luck take care Cindyxx

  • HI Mary, you are having a unlucky ( lucky) time I hope this is all sorted out in the new year good new about the OC, I'm like you 72 years young non smoker do not drink worked right up to my operation for OC, it does not seem to matter if you live a healthy life or not when it comes to OC. Take care and do have a Merry Christmas..Lorraine xx🎄🎄💙

  • I like that, the luckiest unlucky person! Good luck with your op on 2nd January. There are other forum members with breast cancer, or indeed other cancers also, so you are not alone.

    All the best!

  • Hello Mary

    Just wanted to say hi and so sorry you've joined this club, but so many fantastic women are here for you. Fingers crossed all is looking good re your OC, and best wishes for your lumpectomy in January.

    Take care, Michelle❤️Xx

  • Mary, you are LUCKY! I've had both of your cancers, same diagnosis, same staging, although 9 years apart. I too, am BRCA negative. You'll survive this! You sound like a basically healthy person who, most likely via environmental causes, has suffered enough genetic mutations to trigger cancer. Your over all underlying good health will save you! Merry Christmas!

  • How unfair is that, Mary! So sad !! I I'm glad your breast lump can be removed. Good Luck for January 2nd. I hope all goes well and long may you stay in remission.

    Meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy, Healthier New Year. Love, Solange 😊🤞🎄xx

  • Hello Mary. I, too, had both breast and ovarian cancer within 4 months, the first diagnosed in October, the second diagnosed in February! Like you, too, I am BRCA negative and was told by the geneticist that I had just been unlucky........😳. But I feel lucky too, and blessed with a lot of positive things. Good luck with the op in January, take care and go gently. Carolyn x

  • Hi Mary

    I am also proof that lightening can strike twice ! Three weeks ago today I had a mastectomy for Lobular Breast Cancer which I’m told has no connection to my Primary Peritoneal cancer diagnosed in 2011. Tomorrow I will be told results of my Pathology tests and what my treatment plan will be. Meanwhile don’t feel you are the only luckiest unlucky person ! Good wishes for the future.


  • Hi Mary

    By coincidence I’m another Mary. I was diagnosed with OC stage 3c/4 in 2011. Treated with 3 cycles of carboplatin and paclitaxel then had surgery - including removal of spleen - followed by another 3 cycles. So far no recurrence of OC almost 6 year’s after finishing treatment though I was diagnosed with stage 2 lobular breast cancer in 2015. I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy and everything has been fine for the last 18 months. I’m also BRCA negative.

    Wishing you good luck with your surgery in the New Year.


  • Wonderful, so glad to hear it. Enjoy your Christmas and a healthy new year!

  • Hi Mary, I'm just about to start the same chemo regime for OC in a week or so - hope it works as well for me (I'm only 50!). Hope the BC regime goes well. All the best, Lucy

  • Good luck, Lucy. I will be thinking of you. Mary

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