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Taxol every Tuesday Carboplatin 1st of each cycle

I have Ovarian Cancer and am taking Taxol every Tuesday, the first treatment of every

Cycle I take both Carboplatin and Taxol. I just started my 3rd cycle yesterday day. I am also thanking the Akynzeo pill the first of each cycle. My blood test just came back and I am low in Red Blood Cell Count 3.64, Hemoglobin 11.4, Hematocrit 33.1, RDW is high 16.5. My Absolute Eosinophils is 0. I have chemo sores on my hands, arms, and lower legs. I have had neuropathy in my right leg and foot for 12 years due to a accident. It seem when I start my 1st treatment of every cycle taking both drugs my neuropathy is really bad on the right side. In fact the day after my second cycle of the 2 drugs they sent me for a ultra sound to make sure I didn't have blood clots. I didn't it was the neuropathy. I am also so tired, but don't sleep well at night. Any one else having these problems.

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Hi I had Taxol stopped before completion due to the neuropathy which just got worse with each dose. Have you discussed this with your Onc? Big Hug. Kathy xx


I haven’t had the same regime as you, but I find my sleep is most disturbed when I am taking the steroids around chemo. You haven’t said if you are taking any, but if you are, they may be a factor. I have 3-4 nights of really poor sleep, waking at 3am, then when I stop the steroids, my sleep pattern returns to being more normal. Regardless, it might be worth you talking to your oncologist because sleep is so important to recovery!



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