Long shot - does anyone know this family?

Long shot - does anyone know this family?

Hubby picked up a box of computer bits and pieces some time ago and it lay up in the loft for ages, we can't even remember how long. Last week he was going through it and came upon a CD which, when viewed, contains dozens of photos of this family. Some photos are dated 2011 so the children would be older now but I'm sure mum and dad would be sad to have lost the photos. We would like to reunite the CD with the family. Although the box of things was bought here in France there are many Brits here and it could well have been brought over by the family, or someone else or just gathered together from other places. We cannot even remember where it came from because there are dozens of vide greniers (car boot sales) here every year. We think the family is from UK as they don't look French. I know that sound weird but looking at the photos you can tell. Could you please share on your social media sites for us as we have tried Facebook but nothing so far and we don't do Twitter or anything else like that. Thanks girls and stay well and happy and don't lose your precious photos.

Kryssy xxx

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  • You could send the picture to The Sun online and ask them to publish it.

    Hope all is good with you, how is chemo going?

    LA xx

  • That's a good idea. I'll try that LA. I'll send you a message about the other as I'd like to keep this post chemo free if I can. K xxxx

  • I didn't have much luck with the newspapers as my steam driven pc kept crashing so I wrote to ITV asking if they could put it on This Morning. Here's hoping. xxx

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