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How long does the operation take

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I know it would prob be different for everyone but just wanted an idea. Mum's having full hysterectomy and omentum removal tomorrow

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Mine took 6 hours but I had large tumo that had to be scrapped from my bowel ... think that's a little longer than most ... maybe more normal 2-4 hours but other ladies may have more information .... good luck and best wishes for you and your mum tomorrow... big hugs 🤗

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MissEd in reply to Shellygirl

Thank you Shelly, they said she will be going down for about 9am and then visiting starts at 2pm but I'm wondering if I should wait and go at the 6pm visiting xxx

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Shellygirl in reply to MissEd

I would wait while 6pm give your mum time to come round a bit ... she maybe on a morphine drip that makes you sleepy too... takes the pain away tho which is all good .... it's a big op that knocks you for six but you do bounce back afterwards out for the wind as this can be quite painful in the chest ... peppermint tea helps if your mum likes it 🤗

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MissEd in reply to Shellygirl

I think so too, my dad is going to go in at 2pm as I think he wants to make sure she is there lol xx

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Shellygirl in reply to MissEd

It's stressful time for you all 😍

Hi love,

I would say 6 pm would be better, even if she's back on the ward I think she will be too groggy.If dad wants to go 2 pm,let him,he's probably worried and will just sit with her if she's still Comotose!

Anyway, I wish you all well,

Carole xxx

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MissEd in reply to Caroles1

thank you carole x

Only about 2 hrs for me but I wasn't fit for company until after 6 ...wish her the best of luck!!!!

Mine was 5 hours, Hysterectomy, lymph node removal, removal of Omentum and revival of all visible tumors in abdomen.

It took me a few hours after returning to my room to be even a bit social. Praying for your Mom.

Agree with all the comments. My op took approx 6 hours. And then there's time in the recovery room prior to going to the ward. Everyone is different so please tell your dad not to worry if your mum is not on the ward at 2pm. Tell him clearly that the length of time doesn't mean the op has gone wrong. (I was ages in recovery as I had a reaction to morphine).

Thank you all x

Lots of good replies and advice for you already. Hope it goes nice and smoothly today and you'll soon be seeing your mum looking ok this evening. That gives time for the general anaesthetic to wear off and any sde effects (I was white as a sheet and constantly sick which made my consultant leave my room very quickly when he came to see me!!!) .

By 6 pm I was a little stronger and could actually talk with my hubby., but it took at least another day until I stopped being sick and pale,

Give your mum time to recover as she may not be ready to chat etc, she will just like you being there .

Take care and hugs for you all

Clare xx

Mine was about 4hrs. Wishing your Mum all the best for today, hope everything goes according to plan & is a success.

Big hugs xxx

Hi, mine was nearly 8 hours followed by 24 hours in high dependency. Mine was a tad unusual as I had other issues the anaesthetist had to deal with and my tumour ruptured but it was successful. I wouldn't go visiting until the 6.00 time as she'll be a bit 'out of it' before then but I understand why your dad wants to be there. I was due out at around 2.00 but it got closer to 5.00, obviously this worried my husband who came to early visiting and I wasn't there. Sending big hugs of encouragement to you all and good luck for tomorrow ❤xx Jane

Hi, my op took over eight hours because the surgeon had to spend a lot of time scraping away bits of tumour from my bowel. My poor hubby was so worried as we were told it would probably take about 3 - 4 hours. I hope your mums op goes well today and yes I would wait until this evening until you visit her. I was very sick after my op because of all the drugs so could hardly string two words together and I just wanted to sleep xx

Thanks all. Dads rang just after 9am to say she has gone down for her anaesthetic, but that mum said to him not to come till 6pm so that's what he is going to do xx

Mine was done laprascopically and took 2 1/2 hours, but I wasn't really up to visitors until next day. It wasn't started till after 1pm.

I hope your mums op is successful and as pain free as mine was. I only needed two lots of Paracetamol and no morphine at all.

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MissEd in reply to coalole

I hope so too. Thank you. I understand she probably won't be up for visitors so prepared for that x

Well ladies it's the best we could hope for, surgeon has just rang my dad and said he has got everything out and can't see any evidence of disease anywhere else. Which is fantastic news :-) x

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doodoolatrice in reply to MissEd

Wow, that's great news, so pleased for you all, xx

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Choski in reply to MissEd

Superb news, was wondering how her Op was going. Xx

Wonderful news . So happy for your mum and all of you.


Hi mine took 3 and a half hours grade 3C.. my surgery was at 9am.. I told my family no visitors until the next day.. I wasn't quite with it at 6.. the next day was fine for visitors but I was very ill after surgery... just totally drained.. it really takes a beating.. I didn't know I had OC beforehand and felt fine!! All the best. Love Michelle x

Just seen your question now, I hope your Mum is almost over surgery, it is hard to judge because of pre op and post opp procedures It is a worrying time for you and I hope you are not stressing too much today.

Hi ladies, thank you all so much for your replies. Just popped to see mum, just for 15 minutes as she wanted to go back to sleep. Dads staying over with us tonight so at least we know that he is fed and watered ok lol x

That's brilliant news, hope you can all relax a little now and have a nice meal together do get some sleep. Your mum will be brighter tomorrow, sore but much better especially after the good surgery news. Give her a big very gentle hug from me and lots of love when you see her tomorrow ❤xx Jane

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MissEd in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you Jane xx

When I had my hysterectomy, Bso & omentectomy, it was suggested to my husband that, as it was a big op, he ring up on the afternoon of op day, but not visit till the next day, when I would be more awake & sociable. I've had other surgery since, not as big as that one, when my family took advice from the hospital staff of whether to come afternoon or evening. Di

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