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So many replies - thank you - and so much good advice

Gosh – I turned on my computer just now and found loads of replies – how amazing. Thank you so much for your time and advice. I have just come off the phone from the hospital appointment team who have booked me in with a Gastro consultant this Saturday morning, which is wonderful. Had long chat with a different GP today who went thro the scan results in detail which helped to put my mind at rest. Also recommended trying Probiotic capsules and Activated Charcoal to see if they eliminate the symptoms – but recommended that I still go for the Gastro appointment and hopefully a CT scan too. So, fingers crossed one of the lines of action will be fruitful. If they aren’t, then I will take on board various people’s suggestion to try to see a gynae-cancer person. Meanwhile, I’ve been out and bought 2 nice baggy dresses that I will feel good in but that don’t show my ‘6 months pregnant’ tummy! Thank you for your advice and good luck with everything that you are coping with. Jen

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