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I want to thank you all so much

This board has been priceless to me over these past few scary weeks.

Let me tell you my whole background. I had a mirena coil fitted 5 yrs ago for heavy periods. 3 years ago it was discovered that the coil had moved position and was sitting in my vagina. Another coil was fitted, then in April 2012 this one also moved, but this time the threads went inside my womb and following a scan which didn't pick up my left ovary, it was agreed thus needed to be removed under general anaesthetic. This was done, nothing abnormal to repott.

. I also started a few months before having awful indigestion, and bowel problems and I mean awful. I was burping a ridiculous amount afew hundred times a day. I was referred for oscopies top and bottom and found I had diverticular disease and acid reflux, but I feel maybe this was a symptom also of this cyst that had been growing unnoticed. . My periods returned really heavy, flooding big style, etc so I went back to the consultant. We agreed then to have a procedure to remove my womb lining,.. .

So this is when things started to move a bit faster . I had the procedure under GA on 8th October. I had pain afterwards and was scanned and this was then discovered I had 11cme segmented cyst kn my left ovary, raised bloods and here I am now thanking you all so so much for your support because OC is suspected. One mighty rollercoaster ride.

The procedure on the 8th must have agitated my insides because I was not this bad pain wise before, now I have constant pain in my hips, I can't walk too far without needing to sit because of the pain.

I cannot thank you all enough for my numerous questions being answered, you sharing your personal experiences to help me understand in what has been one of the scariest times in my life. I would have been a right state if it had not been for you. Thank you to Ovacome too, again your information has been brilliant.

I will report back after the op, I am off to eat my breakfast toast and hard boiled eggs before finally packing the bag. I have put it off til the last minute !,

Lots of love

Carol x x x x x x x

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Hi ,

What a nightmare all round. Good luck with bag packing , wishing you well , love dy xx


Best of luck Carol. Let us know how you get on.

Love Mary xx


You've certainly made a lot of friends here who will be hoping for the best. Good luck. I actually enjoyed my stay in Llandough Hospital. They are a superb team. See you soon. xxx Annie


Good luck Carol, I will be thinking of you

Jacqui xxx


good luck Carol. xo


Carol, just to say that I am thinking of you. Hope you are doing ok after the surgery.

Ali x


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