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My Ovacome forum tips

Dear All

Following a recent post to welcome new members, there were lots of useful tips for using the forum, so we thought it would be helpful to put them in a new post which we will pin to the side. Do leave comments with further tips we’ve missed!

-The forum should be a safe and supportive space, please take time to read the guidelines for use, pinned to the right hand side.

-The My Ovacome forum is run by Ovacome ovarian cancer charity. If you are a member of the forum but not a member of Ovacome charity and would like to be, it is free and you will receive a membership pack, our newsletter 3 times a year and an invite to our Member's Day which includes latest clinical updates, as well as an opportunity to meet other members. You can become a member by filling out the form on our website at the following link: ovacome.org.uk/support/spea...

-Please bear in mind that your posts can be seen by the public (via google etc) unless you select that it can be seen by 'only followers in my community', in which case only those in My Ovacome can see it, but remember anyone with an email address can join the forum.

-Please don’t add personal contact details to the forum. If you want to share telephone numbers/email addresses etc please private message members to protect your privacy.

-It can be helpful to add a location after your username eg ‘’Ovacome-UK’ so other members know where you are from. This is because the forum is used by members from many different countries and healthcare systems differ.

-Clicking on the username of people in the forum will show you information they have added about themselves on their profile, posts and replies they have made. If you click ‘message’ on a profile page, you will be able to private message someone.

-You can private message more than one person for a group message by adding names in the username box.

-Check the date of posts you are replying to as some can be quite old and there may be more recent posts on the same subject. Also the forum member who posted may no longer use the forum.

-Giving a clear heading to identify the subject of your post will help forum members decide whether it is something they can help with.

-Signing off with an initial can help members writing their response to you

-The ‘edit’ button next to the ‘like’ button helps you update your posts. You can also delete your posts through clicking the delete button option.

-The forum members are a close, caring group. If you become unwell or won’t be on the forum for a while you may want to let a friend or family member know your password and username so they can post an update and let everyone know how you are doing.

Thank you to all the forum members who have given feedback and tips which we have used in this post. Once again, do add any we’ve missed in the comments below.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team

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