Hi, I've had this blood test twice (month apart) with raised results each time. I've had 2 scans. First one showed 3 cysts on my ovary, second showed nothing. However because the reading was higher than what's considered normal (67) I had to repeat the test one month later. This again shows a similar result. Waiting for an MRI now and feeling a bit anxious. Can anyone tell me what their symptoms are please?

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  • The commons ones are pain, bloating, loss of appetite, possibly weeing a lot more but it is best to talk this out with your gp. You can also ring the Ovacome Helpline on Monday and speak to a Nurse specialist who will help you. Symptoms may vary from patient to patient but it is good that you are being checked out properly

  • If I keep feeling anxious, I will call. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi there, I am sorry you going through this but it's best to wait for all the results to come back before guessing. The scans you had were they ct scan? I can't say for everyone but I find the ct scans are good at showing what's going on. Let us know what the MRI result shows. Take care Cindyxx

  • Hi thank you for replying, both of you. I'm trying to stay calm but I've been having various tests since April and it's starting to get to me now! The scans were internal ones, the type you have when you're pregnant. Is that a ct? I'm seeing the consultant 7 November and will have my MRI before then. I will let you know. Thanks again for replying x

  • Hi, I had my MRI and went for my results. No tumours were found. However because my tumour markers are raised, I'm now being sent for a hysteroscopy and biopsy. I feel much calmer and not at all anxious. Thank you to you all who replied to my original post. You were so helpful and kind. I'm so grateful to you and genuinely wish you the very best xx

  • Hi there, good luck in your next test lets hope they find out what the problem is & quickly sort it. Hopefully nothing will be found. Keep us up dated thank you for letting us know. Take care Cindyxx

  • Hi there, a ct scan is when you lay down & go through a machine. Its like going into a very large polo mint. They put something in your arm that feels as if you have wet your self so when you go through the scanner it will high light the area they need to look at.

    When I first had this cancer found it was with a internal scan. Then they gave me a ct scan which showed everything up.

    I know it's not easy but try not to worry too much because it might not be bad news. Like Suzuki said you can phone the Ovarcome Helpline. Keep us up dated I will be thinking of you take care Cindyxx

  • No, I definitely haven't had a ct scan. Thanks again for your reply. It's helping just talking about it, admitting that I feel anxious is actually helping me to calm down. I will definitely keep you posted and I hope you're ok too x

  • Hi there, one thing you can do is chat on here as often as you want. There is alway someone to chat back. Good luck. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks Cindy xx

  • I agree with all the comments above, but would like to add that you know your own body and if you think there is something wrong, be persistent.

    I hope all is well - a raised CA125 isn't always bad news.

    Best wishes, Ali x

  • Hi Ali, I've felt all different kinds of things for months but I've been putting it down to menopause. So honestly, I don't know. I certainly have a lot of the symptoms but they could be indicative of other things. I'm usually pretty calm but it's all dragging on and getting the better of me. It definitely helps chatting on here. You're a good bunch 🙂

    Thanks for replying to me x

  • This forum really helps me too. The menopause has a lot to answer for - I remember!!

    Good luck with your results, Ali x

  • Hi,

    Sound advice and comments from the amazing ladies on here, as ever. My own OC journey was nothing like as difficult as many on here but I remember clearly that time before finding out what was causing symptoms. It's a horrible sort of limbo isn't it. All sorts of scenarios enter your head. Wonder if you could push for an earlier scan if possible?

    It sounds like your symptoms are being properly checked out which is so good to hear.

    Hope all will be well for you. From what others have said on here CA125 can be raised for other reasons.

    Thinking of you - we've all been there and hoping the next few weeks til you see the Consultant are not too difficult.

    Catherine x

  • Hi Catherine, I've said I'll take accept a cancellation, so maybe I'll get in sooner. The support on here is amazing, really uplifting and I appreciate so much xx

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