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Someone posted about sarcoidosis here a few weeks ago but I have lost the link.

I was immediately interested in this as my friend who also has OC has been asking doctors whether there is a link following chemo for this condition for years now.

She finally got her answer.There was a study done in South Korea in 2013 and you can google this .

It is rare and she is interested in connecting with ladies who have also experienced this but you need to message me .

This article was given to her by an oncologist.

It is called Sarcoidosis mimics lung metastasis in treatment for ovarian cancer.Sorry cannot do links!

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Was it this one


Interesting I have been wondering about this recently. A couple of years ago I had an eruption of sores all over my body that eventually cleared up after many months and more recently I have been suffering with shortness of breath with no obvious explanation.


That is the article.

She has been wondering for years if her sarcoidosis was because of her chemo and if anyone else has experienced this and what their doctors said as she was told it was genetic.

Ta for getting back to me x


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