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I wanted to tell you of a support group for women in Cheshire and Merseyside -Sam's Diamonds. It's for women going through and beyond cancer treatment (any cancer not just breast, I had ovarian). We have meet ups at least 4 days a week. They range from coffee and a chat, weekends away, exercise groups to Dragon boat racing. It's so much fun and a release to be able to meet women face to face, if you wish, or just get support on the secret FB page. To join go to the following website, it would be great to hear from you -

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Hi Dawn. The only thing is that all info is about breast and it can make Ovarian patients feel isolated. I know you don't think that but it can for some. Xx

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dawn28 in reply to TinaB1

I know I felt exactly the same when I came across it. I did join them and found others like myself with ovarian..not many. That's why I am putting out the call to you ladies to join me in Sam 's Diamonds. We can then tell our ovarian cancer journeysxx

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I like their 'it's not always a lump'. My aunt didn't present with a lump either. X

Tina when I lived up in Lancashire I went to abreast cancer support group. Many of them were treated by the same consultant I had so were able to offer some reassurance and advice. Some of the treatments for breast cancer are also the same and my understanding is once breast cancer has metastasised it is also incurable

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You are right Scardycat. At Sams Diamonds I meet up with women who go through very similar treatments. We all have hopes and fears in common, we can share and support each other, laugh and cry. Xxx

I go to a support group for all cancers once a week and find it much more 'fun' than the gynae support group I attend once a month

We meet in a church and we have been asked to teach members of Headway certain crafts as they meet there on the same day.

I think it is good to not just focus on your illness.

Knock me down if you wish for saying this.

I have done a lot for ovarian cancer awareness and I find this helps as well so as not to focus too much on myself.

Take care all you wonderful people xxx

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