What a fantastic group this is...

Having a moment of reflection this morning, & whilst I'm a relative newbie in this group (diagnosed Oct 2016) I just wanted to write and say how fantastic you all are.

No-one chooses to be on this journey, but having such wonderful women alongside, all at different stages, but who are ALL so supportive is truly wonderful.

I was someone who initially thought 'I can do this alone' & that I had enough in the way of support in the form of my friends & family. How wrong I was...despite their love for me, it's not the same as having support from those going through (or gone through) the same things - that experience & advice is invaluable. So I just wanted to send a massive THANK YOU & a pat on the back to you all...

😘👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 xxx

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  • Sarah as far as I see it we are all interdependent on one another and we give and take as much as we need and as much as we can at any stage of what we are going through. You are part of this and I'm glad the people on here have been helpful to you as they have been to me, and I know that we in turn will be there for someone else.

    I hope you keep recovering from your op. I'm six and a half weeks on from my op and it is a winding and interesting road. Take care,

    Netti x

  • I have always believed that as supportive as kind meaning family and friends can be it is not the same as support from those who have walked in your shoes. I found that when my beautiful son died , then when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, then Parkinsons and now my turn! We ladies are special and fighters! xx

  • Like you Sarah, I was also diagnosed in October 2016 and have only just recently joined this wonderful group. Also like you I wasn't sure I was ready to join initially but I'm so very glad that I did. I think no matter how many living family and friends one has, this journey we are on can feel lonely and isolating at times. Only we understand.....

    Have you had surgery yet? I was due last Thursday but white cells were too low so am rebooked for Monday

    Marian xx

  • That's LOVING 😳

  • Hi Marian, yes, had surgery on 9 Jan, few issues and had to be readmitted 3 days after coming home. Spent another 5 days in hospital, had some fluid drained, and managed to get some strength back. Arrived home on Monday afternoon, and am recovering slowly. Chemo restarts next Friday, so fingers crossed I'm well enough x

  • Yes we all go through our own share and it is the ladies on here who actually understand it better than family and friends. I am like the morning grouch all day, dont know what is wrong with me, Had physio yesterday on my hip, I thought it was my final one but physio isnt happy that I am not totally pain free, Maybe that is the problem, I cant really see myself being pain free as my sciatic nerve is caught up in my piece of ovary that is left, Will see how it goes might cancel in a few weeks.

  • I totally agree,don't know what I would do without the ladies on this site.Although I am doing good,I still feel the support and kindness of the ladies on this site invaluable and like to give something back if I feel I can help at all,

    Love to you all,

    Carole xxx

  • Well said and I couldn't agree more xx I hope you are feeling better x

  • I could not agree more every time I have worry or any fears they are there supporting you my friends and family have been amazing just feel that sometimes I need to talk to someone that has or is going through the same thing.like you this is a new journey for me as I had my first chemo on weds,but my way forward is that it was my first step on the road back to ME.Hope all go's well with you and keep strong Jenny D xx

  • That was a lovely message Sarah and I could not agree with you more. I wish I had found this forum earlier on in my journey with oc but here I am now. I hope you continue to do well and are coping with treatments OK and I am glad you have family around you. The women in this group have become a lifeline for me. As well as also feeling like I want to help new people as there is so little support out there for oc ladies. My partner wonders what I do in this forum....but I know how I feel here- among friends and caring women. Xx

  • I agree when you tell friends and family they freak out, and don't want it to be true. And they have a hard time talking with you about it. And yes, these women really understands and cares about everyone's journey💕

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