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I'm back

Hi ladies,

For those of you who haven't had replies from me I'm back from my weekend celebrating my uncles 90th birthday. As we are a very small family there was only myself and husband to visit him but my daughter made him a cake and he still had lots of pressies. We had a lovely lunch and we all enjoyed ourselves.

For the first time in my life I've come across another Zena and on this forum. It's strange seeing my name when the messages are for someone else. I expect most people hear their names but after all these years it's odd for me.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

Best wishes, Zena J xx

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Aww. It's strange for me too.

I'm trying to upload profile pic but when I press edit pic nothing happens ?



My first pic went on sideways and I couldn't change it. I'm not good on computers. I haven't got many pictures of myself that's why my husbands in this one with me. xx


Great you enjoyed the get together!!!

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Glad you enjoyed it and that your house is still standing, especially pleased your uncle had a good birthday. As in virtually all things, it's quality not quantity that matters and I'm sure your uncle will appreciate that.

My mother in law has a friend called Zena, there are probably a few of you knocking about but I know what you mean 😊. ❤️Xx Jane


Thanks Jane,

I used to work in credit card fraud once upon a time and once when I phoned someone to check on their transactions he asked me if I looked like Xena the warrior Princess. I though it was such a stupid question that I answered 'if I did, I wouldn't be working here'. I wonder what he had on his mind? Bless him.Zena x




Well done for getting your photo on here-you have inspired me to have another try! I have a relative called Zena-she is my cousins wife and comes from Bali.


There seem to be loads out there now I don't know how I've missed at least one. I think the name originates from Iran but I'm not sure.

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